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Std WhatsThis.svg Cos'è questo?

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Questo strumento fornisce informazioni su un comando selezionato aprendo offline la Documentazione di aiuto alla pagina appropriata.


  1. Premere il pulsante Std WhatsThis.png Cos'è questo?.
  2. Fare clic su un'icona della barra degli strumenti o su una voce del menu.


  • Some commands are not documented, in that case the offline help will open on a blank page and report that the page could not be found.
  • The documentation is based on Qt compiled HTML pages. For it to launch Qt Assistant must be installed.
  • On Debian/Ubuntu and possibly other Linux systems, the offline documentation may need to be installed separately. The package is named freecad-doc, or freecad-daily-doc (for the freecad-daily PPA). See Installing Helpfile.

Read this post to understand how the commands must be named in the code to match the help pages in the wiki.

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