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The Std View Menu is one of the 7 sub-menus in the standard menu:

File     Edit     View     Tools     Macro     Windows     Help

The View menu provides tools to change the 3D view and the view properties of objects in the model, and tools related to the display of interface components.

Conține toate funcțiile legate de afișarea modelului, cum ar prezentarea panourilor, zoom, etc.

The following tools are available in this menu:

  • Std MainFullscreen.svg Fullscreen: Toggles the main window's fullscreen mode.
  • Freeze display
    • Salvarea vizualizări...
    • Încarcă vizualizări...
    • Înghețare vizualizare
    • Ștergere vizualizări
  • Stilul de desen
    • DrawStyleAsIs.png Așa cum este
    • DrawStyleFlatLines.png Filiform cu fațete plane
    • DrawStyleShaded.png Cu umbre
    • DrawStyleWireFrame.png Filiform
    • DrawStylePoints.png Puncte
  • Toggle axis cross
  • Visibility
    • Toggle visibility (....) (... "space")
    • Show selection
    • Hide selection
    • Toggle all objects
    • Show all objects
    • Hide all objects
    • View-unselectable.png Toggle selectability
    • Part Measure Toggle All.png Toggle measurement
    • Part Measure Clear All.png Clear measurement
  • Toggle visibility
  • Toggle navigation/edit mode
  • Random color
  • Workbench -- Select a workbench from the submenu.
  • Toolbars
    • File
    • Macro
    • View
    • Part Design
    • Sketcher geometries
    • Sketcher constraints
    • Bolts
    • Info
    • FreeCAD Part
    • Screw
    • Draft Snap
  • Status bar