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The Std View Menu is one of the 7 sub-menus in the standard menu:

File     Edit     View     Tools     Macro     Windows     Help

The View menu provides tools to change the 3D view and the view properties of objects in the model, and tools related to the display of interface components.


The following tools are available in this menu:

  • Std MainFullscreen.svg Fullscreen: Toggles the main window's fullscreen mode.
  • Standard views
    • Std ViewFitAll.svg Fit all: Fits all visible objects inside the view.
    • Std ViewFitSelection.svg Fit selection: Fits selected objects inside the view.
    • Axonometric
    • Std ViewFront.svg Front: Switches to the front view.
    • Std ViewTop.svg Top: Switches to the top view.
    • Std ViewRight.svg Right: Switches to the right view.
    • Std ViewRear.svg Rear: Switches to the rear view.
    • Std ViewBottom.svg Bottom: Switches to the bottom view.
    • Std ViewLeft.svg Left: Switches to the left view.
    • Std RotateLeft.png Rotate Left: Rotates the view to the left.
    • Std RotateRight.png Rotate Right: Rotates the view to the right.
  • Draw style
    • Std DrawStyleAsIs.svg As is: Switches the draw style to: As is.
    • Std DrawStylePoints.svg Points: Switches the draw style to: Points.
    • Std DrawStyleWireFrame.svg Wireframe: Switches the draw style to: Wireframe.
    • Std DrawStyleHiddenLine.svg Hidden line: Switches the draw style to: Hidden line.
    • Std DrawStyleNoShading.svg No shading: Switches the draw style to: No shading.
    • Std DrawStyleShaded.svg Shaded: Switches the draw style to: Shaded.
    • Std DrawStyleFlatLines.svg Flat lines: Switches the draw style to: Flat lines.
  • Std SetAppearance.svg Appearance...: Opens the Display properties task panel for objects.
  • Workbench -- Select a workbench from the submenu.
  • Toolbars -- Each toolbars can be switched on or off in the submenu. Some workbenches add their own toolbars.
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    • Workbench
    • Macro
    • View
    • Structure