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Std Transform

Menu location
Double-click on an object in the tree view → Transform
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Std Base


This tool allows you to apply rotation increments or translation increments to an object.



  • For many Part objects this is available via double-click in the Model tree, for others such as PartDesign Body it is avilable in the context menu.
  • Press and hold the left mouse button on an axis arrow and drag to translate the object in that direction.
  • Press and hold the left mouse button on a sphere and drag to rotate the object in that axis.
  • The Increments parameters in the Tasks panel allow you to define the movement with precision
  • The OK button allows you to quit the utility easily.

As soon as you rotate/move the object in the 3D view, changes are applied. There is no Cancel button. The value boxes are for increments, not absolute values. OK only serves to exit the utility. But you can undo afterwards.