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Std ToggleVisibilityAll.png Std ToggleVisibilityAll

Menu location
View → Visibility
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Toggle visibility


It is used to display all components of the document or to hide them with a single command. It is only accessible via View → Visibility → Toggle all objects from the top menu.


From the top menu

  1. Open View → Visibility
  2. Select Toggle all objects

In documents with many objects, or where it is difficult to locate an element in the structure, it may be useful to hide an object in the graphic view and then use View → Visibility → Toggle all objects to bulk switch the visibility and show in the graphics only the object that was previously hidden. This procedure used in conjunction with the other global selection commands, Show all objects and Hide all objects, often avoids tedious selection operations.

To hide or quickly display a series of functions, it can also be useful to group them and then activate or deactivate the groups.