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Std SetAppearance.svg Внешний вид

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Вид → Внешний вид...
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The Display properties task dialog


The Std SetAppearance command shows the Display properties task panel for selected objects.


  1. Select one or more objects.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Select the View → Std SetAppearance.svg Appearance... option from the menu.
    • Select the Std SetAppearance.svg Appearance... option from the Tree view context menu or 3D view context menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+D.
  3. Change one or more display properties. See Options. The objects will update immediately.
  4. Optionally select one or more new objects whose display properties you want to change.
  5. Press the Close button to close the task panel and finish the command.


Viewing mode

  • Select a ViewDisplay Mode from the dropdown list. The available options are: 'Flat lines', 'Shaded' (not for Draft objects), 'Wireframe' and 'Points'. See the Std DrawStyle command for more information.


  • Select a predefined material from the dropdown list ('Default', 'Aluminum', 'Brass', 'Bronze', etc.).
  • Press the ... button to open the Material properties dialog box and edit the ambient, diffuse, emissive and specular colors, as well as the shininess.
  • Color plot: unsupported at this time.
  • Shape color: sets the ViewShape Color property. Press the button to open the Select color dialog box.
  • Line color: sets the ViewLine Color property. Press the button to open the Select color dialog box.


  • Point size: sets the ViewPoint Size property (in pixels).
  • Line width: sets the ViewLine Width property (in pixels).
  • Transparency: sets the ViewTransparency property (in percentage). 0% is opaque, 100% is fully transparent.
  • Line transparency: unsupported at this time.