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Std Tool1.svg Std SetAppearance

Menu location
View → Appearance…
Default shortcut
Ctrl + D
Introduced in version
See also
Set Colors


This tool makes it possible to define the appearance (viewing mode, material and display) of selected objects.


  1. Select at least one object.
  2. In the Model tree or in the 3D view, right-click and select Std Tool1.svg Appearance in the contextual menu.
  3. Define properties; see Options.
  4. Press Close.


Launching the tool opens a separate Display properties window.

Viewing mode

Sets the draw style. The drop down menu provides 4 choices:

  • Flat Lines: faces are shaded and edges are visible.
  • Shaded: faces are shaded and edges are hidden.
  • Wireframe: only edges are shown, faces are hidden and the model appears completely transparent.
  • Points: only vertices are shown.

These can also be set globally from the View → Draw style menu or from the view toolbar, or per object from the View tab.


  • A drop down menu lists ready-made materials (default, aluminum, brass, bronze...).
  • The ... button opens a Material properties dialog to edit ambient, diffuse, emissive and specular colors, as well as shininess.
  • Color plot: unsupported at this time.
  • Shape color: sets the color of faces. Press the button to open a color picker.
  • Line color: sets the color of edges. Press the button to open a color picker.


  • Point size: sets the vertex size in pixels.
  • Line width: sets the edges width in pixels.
  • Transparency: sets the transparency of faces, in percentage. 0 is solid (opaque) and 100 is fully transparent.
  • Line transparency: unsupported at this time.