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Std Refresh.svg Std Refresh

Menu location
Bearbeiten → Aktualisieren
Default shortcut
F5 or Ctrl+R
Introduced in version
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Wenn verwendet, berechnet dieser Befehl alle geänderten Komponenten auf dem Bildschirm neu und aktualisiert die Anzeige .

The Std Refresh command recomputes the active document. The command is disabled if the document does not require a recompute.


Drücke F5 oder Ctrl+R oder klicke auf das Symbol Std Refresh.svg Refresh.


  • To force a recompute select the document or one or more objects in the Tree view, choose the Mark to recompute option from the context menu, and invoke the command.
  • For objects, but not for documents, you can also choose Recompute object from the same context menu (introduced in version 0.19).



  • When using the Spreadsheet Workbench, when updating a spreadsheet it auto-triggers a recompute. The longer this recompute takes the longer the lag will be. One can elect to 'skip recomputes' (by right-clicking document name in the tree view) in cases where multiple changes are necessary to be made to the spreadsheet, and then re-enabled afterwards to reduce the number of recomputes required.


Die Neuberechnung des Modells kann in der Makros und von der Python Konsole aus mit Hilfe der recompute Methode des aktuell aktiven Dokuments durchgeführt werden.

import FreeCAD

doc = FreeCAD.newDocument()

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