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Help → FreeCAD Website‏‎
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Std OnlineHelp opens the online help documentation in a new window. To open the documentation with a predefined command help page, use the Std WhatsThis tool.

The documentation is based on Qt compiled HTML pages. For it to launch Qt Assistant must be installed.


  • There are several ways to invoke the OnlineHelp command:
    • Use the HelpStd OnlineHelp.svg Help
    • Press the F1 keyboard shortcut
  • Topics can be selected from the Contents tab or searched from the Index tab.

Documentation files

On Debian/Ubuntu and possibly other Linux systems, the offline documentation may not be included with the main FreeCAD package, and may need to be installed separately.

The package may be named freecad-doc or freecad-daily-doc for the freecad-daily PPA.

See Installing Helpfile.

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