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Std New.svg Std New

Datei → Neu
In der Version eingeführt
Siehe auch

Erstellt ein neues leeres Dokument. FreeCAD kann durch Aktivieren der Einstellung BearbeitenEinstellungenDokumentAllgemein auch konfiguriert werden, ein neues leeres Dokument zur Startzeit anzulegen.

The Std New command creates a new empty document and makes it the active document.


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Std New.svg Std New button.
    • Select the File → Std New.svg New option from the menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+N.


  • FreeCAD will create a new document at start up if Tools → Edit parameters... → BaseApp → Preferences → Document → CreateNewDoc is set to True. This setting can also be changed in the Preferences Editor.
  • Some document properties: author names, company name and license information, can be preset in the Preferences Editor.


Most properties can also be changed in the dialog box of the Std ProjectInfo command.

  • DataComment: Any comment that may apply.
  • DataCompany: Company name. Can be preset.
  • DataCreated By: Author name. Can be preset.
  • DataCreation Date: Automatic date stamp. Not editable.
  • DataFile Name: The full path of the file. Blank if the document has not been saved. Not editable.
  • DataId: Not implemented yet.
  • DataLabel: The name that will appear in the Tree view. By default the name of the document.
  • DataLast Modified By: Author name. Can be preset.
  • DataLast Modified Date: Automatic date stamp. Not editable.
  • DataLicense: License type. Can be preset.
  • DataLicense URL: License URL. Can be preset.
  • DataShow Hidden: If true, items that have been hidden in the Tree view will be displayed anyway. Hiding items in the tree can be useful when working on larger models.
  • DataTip: Not implemented yet.
  • DataTip Name: Not implemented yet.
  • DataTransient Dir: The transient directory used for recovery data. Not editable.


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To create a new document use the newDocument method of the FreeCAD application.

import FreeCAD
from pathlib import Path

# The folder and filename we will use:
fld = 'D:/testfiles/'
fnm = fld + 'test.FCStd'

# Make sure fld exists:
Path(fld).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

doc = FreeCAD.newDocument()


doc =


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