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Std MeasureDistance.svg Std MeasureDistance

Werkzeuge → Abstand messen‏‎
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Dieses Werkzeug misst und zeigt den absoluten Abstand zwischen zwei Punkten im 3D-Raum.

The Std MeasureDistance command creates a distance object that measures and displays the distance between two points.


  1. Klicke auf Std MeasureDistance.png oder wähle WerkzeugeStd MeasureDistance.png Abstand messen aus der Menüleiste.
  2. Wähle den ersten Punkt in der 3D-Ansicht.
  3. Wähle den zweiten Punkt in der 3D-Ansicht.
  4. Der Abstand zwischen den beiden Punkten wird errechnet und in der 3D-Ansicht angezeigt.
  5. Ein Abstand-Objekt wird in der Baumansicht angelegt.
  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Std MeasureDistance.svg Std MeasureDistance button.
    • Select the Tools → Std MeasureDistance.svg Measure distance option from the menu.
  2. Select the first dimension point anywhere on an object in the 3D view.
  3. Select the second dimension point anywhere on an object in the 3D view.
  4. The selection order of the points can have an impact on the position of the dimension line.
  5. Optionally flip the position of the dimension line by changing the AnsichtMirror property of the distance object.





  • DatenLabel: by default the label contains the measured distance, but this distance is not updated when P1 or P2 are later changed.


  • DatenP1: the first dimension point.
  • DatenP2: the second dimension point.
  • DatenDistance: (read-only) the measured distance between P1 and P2.



  • AnsichtDist Factor: this factor, multiplied by the measured distance, determines the dimension line offset.
  • AnsichtFont Size: the height of the letters (line height in pixels).
  • AnsichtMirror: if set to true the position of the dimension line relative to P1 and P2 is flipped.