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Std LinkUnlink.svg Std LinkUnlink

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Std LinkMake, Std LinkMakeRelative, Std LinkReplace


Std LinkUnlink.svg Std LinkUnlink is essentially the opposite operation to Std LinkReplace.svg Std LinkReplace.

This operation is used to remove a Link from a container like Std Part.svg Std Part, and instead place the real object inside.


  1. Make sure you have a Link that is inside a container, for example, a Link to a Part Sphere.svg Part Sphere inside a Std Part.svg Std Part.
  2. Select the internal Link in the tree view.
  3. Press Std LinkUnlink.svg Std LinkUnlink.

The original Tree Part Sphere Parametric.svg Sphere must now be inside the Std Part.svg Std Part, and the Link must be outside. Now this Link can be deleted if it's no longer needed, and it won't break the container.

Std Link tree replace fuse 2 example.png Std Link tree unlink 1 example.png

A Link inside another object is unlinked, and the real object is placed inside instead.

Std Link tree replace part 2 examples.png Std Link tree unlink 2 example.png

A Link inside a group is unlinked, and the real object is placed inside instead.