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The Help menu is part of the Standard Menu in the FreeCAD Interface

The Help menu provides access to the help system, links to the website, forum, scripting documentation, and also shows the information about the application.


  • Std OnlineHelp.svg Help. Opens the offline help file, only available with stable releases.
  • Std FreeCADWebsite.svg FreeCAD Website. Opens the FreeCAD website in your standard web browser application.
  • Std FreeCADUserHub.svg Users documentation. Opens the user hub on the FreeCAD wiki in your standard web browser application.
  • Std FreeCADForum.svg FreeCAD forum. Opens the FreeCAD forum in your standard web browser application.
  • Std FreeCADFAQ.svg FreeCAD FAQ. Opens the FreeCAD frequently asked questions (FAQ) page in your standard web browser application
  • Std About.svg About FreeCAD. Opens a window displaying information about your FreeCAD installation.
  • Std WhatsThis.svg What's This. Opens up the help page of a specific FreeCAD function, in the offline help documentation.