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The Edit menu is part of the Standard Menu in the FreeCAD Interface

The Edit menu provides functions related to changing the model, such as Copy, Paste, etc.


  • Std Undo.svg Undo reverses the last command.
  • Std Redo.svg Redo reapplies the last command reversed by Undo.
  • Std Cut.svg Cut places selected objects onto the clipboard and deletes them in the current document.
  • Std Copy.svg Copy places selected objects onto the clipboard.
  • Std Paste.svg Paste moves the contents of the clipboard to the current document.
  • Std BoxSelection.svg Box Selection allows selecting all objects in a rectangular area.
  • Std SelectAll.svg Select All selects all objects in the current document.
  • Std Delete.svg Delete deletes the current selection.
  • Std Placement.svg Placement... opens the Placement dialog for the selected object.
  • Alignment... opens the Alignment dialog for the selected objects.
  • Std DlgPreferences.svg Preferences opens the user Preferences dialog. On the Mac OS this menu option may appear in the FreeCAD menu instead of the Edit menu.