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Std DlgMacroRecord.svg Registra macro

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Macro → Registra macro ...
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Esegui macro


Questa funzione registra sotto forma di macro tutte le operazioni eseguite nell'area 3D.

Std DlgMacroRecord dialog.png

The Macro recording dialog box


La funzione è accessibile tramite Macro → Registra macro ..., oppure tramite il pulsante Std DlgMacroRecord.png Registra macro della barra degli strumenti delle macro Macros toolbar.jpg.


  • When the Macro recording dialog box is displayed: press Esc or the Cancel button to abort the command.



  • The macro path can also be changed in the preferences: Edit → Preferences... → General → Macro → Macro path. See Preferences Editor.
  • In most cases it is undesirable to record actions that do not change the model: under Edit → Preferences... → General → Macro → GUI commands do one of the following:
    • To exclude these actions uncheck the CheckBoxFalse.svg Record GUI commands checkbox.
    • To include them as comments only check both the CheckBoxTrue.svg Record GUI commands and CheckBoxTrue.svg Record as comment checkboxes.