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Std CreateGroup.png Std CreateGroup

Menu location
Tree View → Right click on the document name
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft SelectGroup, Draft AddToGroup


This command lets you create a group in the tree view.
It can be used for organizing the structure of your model.


Right-click on the name of your FreeCAD-document in the tree-view and choose "create group".
A group will be created automatically and give the icon of a directory and an automatically chosen name.
You can rename the group by right-clicking on the group and choosing "rename" or using "F2" on your keyboard.
Push FreeCAD-objects into the group or pull them out of the group by clicking on the desired object,
keep left-mouse button pressed and using drag&drop-style to drag the object to desired new location.
As long as there is a "circle with a diagonal line"-sign below the cursor you can't drop your object here.
As soon as the sign changes to a "plus"-symbol it is possible to drop your object here.

  1. Right click on active document or on existing group in the Tree View and select Create Group...
  2. Drag-n-drop objects into the group

Group with objects.png


  • To rename the group select a group and press F2, or right click a group and select Rename


  • DataLabel: Name of the group


Following command adds new group to the active document:



Command needs an open FreeCAD-document to work.