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Std About.svg Über FreeCAD

Help → About FreeCAD
In der Version eingeführt
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Liefert Informationen zur gerade benutzten Version von FreeCAD und den erforderlichen Bibliotheken (Python, Qt, Coin und OCC).

Std About example.png

Window with the "About" information in the software. Do not take a picture of this window; click the "Copy to clipboard" button to be able to paste the information with any help request.

ATTENTION: Please do not take a screenshot of the dialog and attach it to your help requests. Instead, press the Copy to clipboard button and paste the info


  1. Open the menu HelpStd About.svg About FreeCAD.
  2. Select one of the tabs, About, Credits, License, Libraries.
  3. To get troubleshooting information press Copy to clipboard, then paste this information.
  4. Press OK, or hit the Esc key to exit the dialog.


Shows information on the FreeCAD version used, revision number, operating system, and some details about the supporting libraries, Python, Qt, Coin, and OCCT.

Bei einer Hilfeanfrage im Forum oder Verfolgung von Programmfehlern (bugs) sind diese Informationen zur Ihrer Softwareinstallation zwingend nötig.

Klicken Sie auf In Zwischenablage kopieren und fügen Sie diese Informationen in Ihren Forumsbeitrag ein, so dass das Ergebnis ähnlich zu diesem ist:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (ubuntu:GNOME/ubuntu)
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.19.18984 (Git)
Build type: Unknown
Branch: master
Hash: c251caa934597d4b32def43ca8ac2ab479931d73
Python version: 3.6.9
Qt version: 5.9.5
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 7.3.0
Locale: English/UnitedStates (en_US)


Shows a list of contributors to the FreeCAD project. To get your name on this list you can contribute in many different ways, including programming, bug triaging, packaging the software, writing user documentation and tutorials, translating the software and documentation, working on icons, artwork and graphical interfaces, and helping out in the forum. See Help FreeCAD for more information.


FreeCAD is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License 2 (LGPL 2). The full text of this license is listed here. See license for more details.

As FreeCAD uses external libraries, they may have their own licensing terms. Consult their particular licenses in third party libraries.

Code that is distributed together with the core FreeCAD program must be compatible with the LGPL 2.


Shows a list of the external libraries used by the program, and the website to obtain more information about them. See also third party libraries for more information. Template:Std Base navi/de