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The preferences screen of the Start Workbench is found in the Preferences Editor, Edit → Preferences → Start.

There is only one tab: Start page.

Start page

In the Start page tab you can specify the following:

Start page template: An optional HTML template that will be used instead of the default start page.

Name Description
Show notepad If checked, shows a notepad next to the file thumbnails, where you can keep notes across sessions.
Show examples folder contents If checked, shows the examples in the Documents tab of the Start page.
Show additional folder An optional custom folder to be displayed at the bottom of the Documents tab of the Start page.
Show forum If checked, the latest posts from the FreeCAD forum will be displayed in the Activity tab of the Start page.
Name Description
Fonts and colors
Use FreeCAD style sheet If checked, and a style sheet is specified in the General preferences, the style sheet will override the options in this section.
Background color The background color behind the panels; it defaults to blue.
Background image An optional image to display as background; it is normally empty.
Background text color The color of the version text in the Start page; it defaults to white.
Page background color The background of the main start page area; it defaults to white.
Page text color The color of the text on the main pages; it defaults to black.
Box background color The background color of the boxes inside the pages.
Link color The color of URL links.
Font family The font family to use for the start page. It can be a font name or a comma-separated series of fallback fonts; it defaults to "Arial,Helvetica,sans", which will use a sans serif type of font.

A spinbox also allows setting the base font size for all texts in the Start page; it defaults to 11px.

Use gradient for New File icon If checked, a gradient color will be used for the "New File" icon.
Name Description
Switch workbench after loading A combobox that can select one of the installed Workbenches. After loading FreeCAD, this workbench will automatically become active; it defaults to the Start Workbench.
Close start page after loading If checked, the Start page will be closed after FreeCAD finishes loading.
Close and switch on opening file If checked, and the application is started by opening a file, the software will apply the two options above Switch workbench after loading and Close start page after loading.

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