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6 June 2020

     06:29  External workbenches diffhist 0 Keithsloan52 talk contribs
     06:04  (Page translation log) [Renatorivo‎ (2×)]
06:04 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Workbenches for translation ‎
05:49 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Object name for translation ‎
     00:31  Ubuntu Snap‎‎ 7 changes history +880 [Vocx‎ (7×)]
00:31 (cur | prev) +319 Vocx talk contribs →‎Installation: In all systems where Snaps are to be installed, the Snap daemon must be installed first. The package is normally called snapd.
00:27 (cur | prev) +45 Vocx talk contribs →‎Links: older Snap by vejmarie, newer version of the Snap by ppd
00:24 (cur | prev) -4 Vocx talk contribs →‎Introduction: A Snap package has two main characteristics: programs are sandboxed, programs are updated automatically
00:17 (cur | prev) +132 Vocx talk contribs →‎Links: Older and newer versions of the Snap
00:14 (cur | prev) +137 Vocx talk contribs →‎Installation: Stable and development versions
00:05 (cur | prev) +148 Vocx talk contribs Snaps were introduced by Ubuntu but they are intended to run in all Linux distributions as long as the Snap daemon, or snapd, is available in the target system.
00:01 (cur | prev) +103 Vocx talk contribs →‎Introduction: Installation section
     00:09  Template:Userdocnavi diffhist +29 Vocx talk contribs Added Ubuntu Snap
     00:08  Install on Linux diffhist +32 Vocx talk contribs and Ubuntu Snaps for testing bleeding-edge features.

5 June 2020

N    23:59  Ubuntu Snap diffhist +993 Vocx talk contribs An Ubuntu Snap package, or just Snap, introduced by Ubuntu Linux, is a distribution format similar to AppImage in that it is intended to be a "universal installable package" to deploy software in Linux systems.
     23:04  Object name‎‎ 3 changes history +1,996 [Vocx‎ (3×)]
23:04 (cur | prev) +2 Vocx talk contribs →‎Getting an object by Name or Label: Make third level heading instead of second level
23:03 (cur | prev) +1,328 Vocx talk contribs Getting an object by Name or Label. All objects in a document are data attributes of the corresponding Document object. The attribute's name correspond to the internal Name of the object.
22:28 (cur | prev) +666 Vocx talk contribs Label2. This property was introduced in v0.19. It is a simple string that can contain arbitrary text, and therefore can be used for documenting (describing with more detail) the created object.
     22:06  (Page translation log) [Renatorivo‎ (3×)]
22:06 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Preferences Editor for translation ‎
21:41 Renatorivo talk contribs marked External workbenches for translation ‎
21:40 Renatorivo talk contribs marked BIM Workbench for translation ‎

4 June 2020

     19:25  (Page translation log) [Renatorivo‎ (7×)]
19:25 Renatorivo talk contribs marked User hub for translation ‎
19:21 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Download for translation ‎
19:17 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Installing for translation ‎
16:12 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Install on Mac for translation ‎
16:09 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Online Help Toc for translation ‎
16:07 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Install on Windows for translation ‎
13:26 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Install on Linux for translation ‎
     19:25  User hub diffhist -4 Renatorivo talk contribs Install_on_Linux
     19:20  Download diffhist +2 Renatorivo talk contribs Install_on_Linux
     19:15  Installing diffhist -3 Renatorivo talk contribs Install_on_Linux
     19:05  Template:Userdocnavi diffhist +1 Renatorivo talk contribs Install_on_Linux
     16:11  Install on Mac diffhist -20 Renatorivo talk contribs
     16:08  Online Help Toc diffhist -10 Renatorivo talk contribs
     16:07  Install on Windows diffhist -20 Renatorivo talk contribs
N    13:24  Install on Linux‎‎ 2 changes history +13,813 [Renatorivo‎ (2×)]
13:24 (cur | prev) +214 Renatorivo talk contribs
13:12 (cur | prev) +13,599 Renatorivo talk contribs Created page with "<languages/> <translate> {{Docnav |Install on Windows |Install on Mac }} ==Overview== </translate> {{TOCright}} <translate> The..."

3 June 2020

     19:35  Download‎‎ 2 changes history +60 [Vocx‎ (2×)]
19:35 (cur | prev) -6 Vocx talk contribs Please see the Install on Unix page for more installation options, including daily packages for Ubuntu and derivatives.
19:34 (cur | prev) +66 Vocx talk contribs To compile the latest source code, see compiling.
     15:53  External workbenches diffhist +294 Keithsloan52 talk contribs Add ImportNURBS workbench for import 3dm files
     10:29  (Page translation log) [Renatorivo‎ (2×)]
10:29 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Object name for translation ‎
10:28 Renatorivo talk contribs marked User hub for translation ‎
N    08:15  Object name‎‎ 2 changes history +6,564 [Vocx‎ (2×)]
08:15 (cur | prev) +13 Vocx talk contribs <languages/> Bar
07:58 (cur | prev) +6,551 Vocx talk contribs All objects in the program have an object name that uniquely identifies them in a given Document.
     08:03  Template:Userdocnavi diffhist +75 Vocx talk contribs Added Selection methods, Object name
     06:42  User hub diffhist +154 Vocx talk contribs Object name: all objects have a read-only Name that uniquely identifies them, and a Label which is user editable.

2 June 2020

     09:23 Page translation log Mario52 talk contribs marked Arch Site for translation ‎
     01:41  Release notes 0.19 diffhist +1,454 Russ4262 talk contribs Add more changes to PathWB in 0.19

31 May 2020

     01:26  Preferences Editor‎‎ 2 changes history +147 [Uwestoehr‎ (2×)]
01:26 (cur | prev) +17 Uwestoehr talk contribs add version info
01:26 (cur | prev) +130 Uwestoehr talk contribs describe new option

30 May 2020

     20:42  Release notes 0.19 diffhist +443 Vocx talk contribs SVG face hatches are now available when the page is exported to SVG. The SVG hatches are converted to bitmaps and clipped to fit the face before export.