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注意: v0.13からコンストラクションラインをPartDesign Revolve機能の回転軸として使用できるようになりました。

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 01.png


  • 3Dビュー上で一つ以上のスケッチ形状を選択し、このツールをクリックするかメニューから起動します。
  1. Select one or more sketch geometry in the 3D view
  2. Invoke the Sketcher ToggleConstruction tool using several ways:
    • Clicking on the Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Toggle construction.
    • Using the Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Toggle construction geometry entry in the Sketcher menu


Use Construction mode on some sketch elements,

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 01.png

and once you Sketcher LeaveSketch.svg leave the sketcher editing mode, geometry that was turned into construction have become invisible in the 3D view (but are still present in the Sketcher editing mode).

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 02.png

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