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Sketcher StopOperation.svg Sketcher StopOperation

Menu location
Sketch → Stop operation
Default shortcut
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Sketcher StopOperation.svg Stop operation stops a currently active command while a sketch is being edited; this may mean a drawing operation, a constraining operation, a B-spline operation, etc.

This is similar to pressing the Esc key.


  1. Make sure a sketch is in Sketcher EditSketch.svg Edit mode.
  2. Make sure a tool is active such as Sketcher CreatePolyline.svg Create polyline, Sketcher ConstrainDistanceY.svg Constrain distance Y, or Sketcher Move.svg Move.
  3. Click on Sketcher StopOperation.svg Stop operation or choose Sketch → Sketcher StopOperation.svg Stop operation from the top menu.
  4. The tool is deactivated and the pointer returns to being a simple pointer.