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Sketcher SelectElementsWithDoFs.svg Sketcher Select solver DoFs

poziția meniului
Sketch → Instrumente pentru schiţe → Select solver DoFs
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Prezentat în versiune
A se vedea, de asemenea,
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This tool is meant to aid in fully constraining a sketch by highlighting in green the sketch elements with remaining degrees of freedom (DoF).


In the Solver messages box located at the top of the Tasks tab, the following message(s) should be displayed:

  • In case of an under-constrainend sketch:

Under-constrained sketch with X degrees of freedom

where "X" is the number of degrees of freedom remaining in the sketch; you will receive more information if you click on the blue link, or if you use the menu.

  1. The elements which have degrees of freedom are now highlighted in green.
  2. Click anywhere in the sketch to clear the highlight color.
  • In case of a fully-constrainend sketch:

Fully constrained sketch