Sketcher Hyperbel erstellen

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Sketcher Hyperbolic Arc.png Sketcher Hyperbel erstellen

Sketch → Skizzengeometrien → Bogen einer Hyperbel erstellen
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Siehe auch
Sketcher Ellipsen-Bogens, Sketcher Bogen der Parabel


This tool creates an arc of hyperbola by center, major radius and endpoints.

Sketcher Arc of Hyperbola 01.png


  1. Press the Sketcher Hyperbolic Arc.png Create an arc of hyperbola button.
  2. Click in the 3D view to define the major radius center (labelled 1 in the picture above).
  3. Click in the 3D view to define the major radius length, which is also the tip of the arc of hyperbola (labelled 2 in the picture above).
  4. Move the mouse away from the two last selected points to see how the arc will look like. Click again when the approximate desired curvature is shown. This point will define the first end point (labelled 3 in the picture above).
  5. Click a fourth time in the 3D view to define the other end point (labelled 4 in the picture above).