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Sketcher BSplineInsertKnot.svg Sketcher BSplineInsertKnot

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher B-spline tools → Insert knot
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Sketcher Show/hide B-spline knot multiplicity, Sketcher BSpline Increase knot multiplicity, Sketcher BSpline Decrease knot multiplicity


Inserts a knot into an existing B-spline. If a knot already exists at the specified parameter, increases the multiplicity of that knot by one.


  1. Select a B-spline, then either:
    • Press the button Sketcher BSplineInsertKnot.svg Insert knot.
    • Use the menu Sketch → Sketcher B-spline tools → Sketcher BSplineInsertKnot.svg Insert knot.
  2. Move the cursor to the desired location where the new knot point is to be created, and click to insert the knot. The parametric value of the knot is displayed for reference.
  3. Optionally repeat the step above to create more knots.
  4. Right click or press Esc to exit knot insertion mode.
  5. Optionally use Sketcher BSplineIncreaseKnotMultiplicity.svg Increase knot multiplicity to increase the multiplicity of the knot(s).