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Ship Instance.svg Ship New‏‎

Menu location
Ship design → Create a new ship
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Create a New Ship or new Ship Instance.


In order to create a Ship instance (AKA a New Ship), select s60 geometry and execute the ship creation tool Ship design → Create a new ship

Ship creation tool.
Ship creation tool icon

Creating ship task dialogue and some annotations at 3D view will shown. The annotations will removed when you close Ship creation tool, so don't worry about this.

Most relevant ship data must be introduced (Ship uses a progressive data introduction system, so basic operations can be performed knowing only basic ship data, more information is needed as the operations become more complex).

Ship data

Main dimensions must be introduced here:

  • Length: Length between perpendiculars, 25.5 m for this ship.
  • Beam: Total ship beam, 3.389 m for this ship.
  • Draft: Design draft, 1.0 m for this ship.

Front view annotations
Length annotations.

Usually the Length between perpendiculars depends on design draft, so if you don't know what is the length of your ship you can set draft, and fit length in order to get bow and draft intersection.

Side view annotations
Beam annotations.

Same process is valid for Beam fit. Note: that requested value is total beam, but annotation is only referred to starboard half ship.

When you press Accept button, a new Ship instance is created called Ship at Tags & Attributes dialog. We don't need geometry anymore, so you can hide it.

Ship instance icon
Ship instance icon.

Note: From here onward, you must have Ship selected before you execute any Ship tool.


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