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Ship LoadExample.svg Ship LoadExample

Menu location
Ship design → Load an example ship geometry
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This tool loads example geometries.

Ship works over Ship entities, that must be created on top of provided geometry. Geometry must be a solid, or set of solids. The following criteria must be taken into account:

  • All hull geometry must be provided (including symmetric bodies).
  • Starboard geometry must be included at negatives y domain.
  • Origin (0,0,0) point is the Midship section (Midpoint between after and forward perpendicular) and base line intersection.


Ship sign criteria

In order to help new users, Ship includes a geometries examples loader, with the following to choose from:

  • Series 60 from Iowa University
  • Wigley Canonical Ship
  • Series 60 Catamaran
  • Wigley Catamaran


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
  2. A task panel will display, prompting to choose one of the example ship geometries.
  3. Select the example you want to load and press Accept.
  4. Result: The tool loads a new document with the selected geometry.
Warning, before editing anything! You are now working with the original example file. To preserve the original unedited example, you must first save it as a new file before editing anything.