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SheetMetal Unfold.svg SheetMetal Abwickeln

SheetMetal → Unfold
Blech (SheetMetal)
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SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold


Der Befehl SheetMetal Unfold.svg Abwickeln wickelt ein Blechobjekt ab.


To unfold a sheet metal part:

  1. Switch to the Sheetmetal workbench icon.svg SheetMetal Workbench.
  2. Select a flat face of the sheet metal part. Note:the face should be a plane, the thickness should be constant
  3. Click on the SheetMetal Unfold.svg Unfold tool to display a menu in task panel to manage unfolding options.
  4. Select projection options of future flattened sketch
  5. Select the rule for bend deduction with Kfactor:


Siehe auch: Eigenschafteneditor.

This tool creates an Unfold object and has no representation of its own in the Tree view or elsewhere and so has no properties.

The Unfold object, on the other hand, is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It has no additional properties, but its label has a default value:



  • DatenLabel (String): Standardwert: Unfold (+ eine laufende Nummer ab dem zweiten Objekt).
    Der vom Benutzer änderbare Name dieses Objekts, der aus einer beliebigen UTF8-Zeichenkette bestehen kann.


  • Blechobjekte sollten eine konstante Wandstärke haben
  • Flat faces should be planar with no split lines
  • Bend angles should be radius with cylindrical faces
  • Das Unfold-Objekt ist bisher nicht parametrisch.