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SheetMetal Bend.svg SheetMetal Bend

Menu location
SheetMetal → Add Bend
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The SheetMetal workbench Bend tool SheetMetal Bend.svg creates a bend on the selected edge.



To add a Bend:

  1. Switch to the Sheetmetal workbench icon.svg SheetMetal Workbench.
  2. Start with a base plate or sheet, select one or more edges to receive a bend.
  3. Click on the SheetMetal Bend.svg Bend tool to add a bend.

Note: The workbench does not have a tool to create a base plate, so you need to start your model with one of the following methods:

If you start with a PartDesign Body.svg PartDesign Body, you can mix Sheet Metal features with PartDesign features such as PartDesign Pocket.svg pockets or PartDesign Hole.svg holes.




  • DataLabel: User name of the object in the Tree view.


  • Dataangle: Bend angle.
  • Dataextend1: Extends the wall on the left side.
  • Dataextend2: Extends the wall on the right side.
  • Datagap1: Gap from the left side.
  • Datagap2: Gap from the right side.
  • Datainvert: Invert bend direction.
  • Datalength: Length of the wall.
  • Datamiterangle1: Bend miter angle on the left side.
  • Datamiterangle2: Bend miter angle on the right side.
  • Dataradius: Bend radius.
  • Datarelief Type: Rectangle or Round. Enabled only when a gap value is set.
  • Datareliefd: Relief depth. Enabled only when a gap value is set.
  • Datareliefw: Relief width. Enabled only when a gap value is set.
  • Datakfactor: K factor (also known as neutral factor) for the bend. Used to calculate bend allowance when unfolding.
  • Dataunfold: False (default) or True. If true, unfolds the bend.


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