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SheetMetal AddCornerRelief.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief

Menu location
SheetMetal → Add Corner Relief
Default shortcut
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The SheetMetal AddCornerRelief.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief command adds a corner relief. A relief is usually created at corners where two bends meet, but the command can also create a relief at an open corner.

The command can only create one relief at a time.

SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-01.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-02.png

Default corner of two bends → Corner with added corner relief

SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-03.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-04.png

Default open corner → Open corner with added corner relief


  1. Select two edges of a corner.
  2. Activate the SheetMetal AddCornerRelief.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief command using one of the following:
    • The SheetMetal AddCornerRelief.svg Add Corner Relief button.
    • The SheetMetal → SheetMetal AddCornerRelief.svg Add Corner Relief menu option.
    • The keyboard shortcut: C then R.

Relief shapes

The shape of a corner relief can be altered by changing its property values:

The value of the property DataReliefSketch can be chosen from a list: Circle (default), Circle-Scaled, Square, Square-Scaled, Sketch.

  • Circle and Square use the value of the property DataSize to scale the relief.
  • Circle-Scaled and Square-Scaled use the value of the property DataSize Ratio to scale the relief.
  • Sketch activates the use of the sketch listed in the property DataSketch to define the relief shape.

SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-05.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-06.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-07.png

Circular relief (default settings) → Square relief (default settings) → Sketch based relief

A closer look at relief sizes

To get an idea how and where the relief is placed we unfold a default corner without a relief.

SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-08.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-09.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-10.png

Default corner of two bends → Corner with unfold solid → Corner in top view

The next step is to open the unfold sketch, create a circle through 3 points and add a radius dimension.
Now we add a corner relief, create the corresponding unfold solid and open the first unfold sketch again.
Adding a concentric circle of 3 mm radius reveals that we have found out how the internal circle is positioned as the new circle fits perfectly into the cut-out of the relief's unfold solid.

SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-11.png Button right.svg SheetMetal AddCornerRelief-12.png

Default corner with unfold sketch → Corner with default relief and the same unfold sketch

Trying to set the property DataSize to a value below the determined 1,67 mm will result in an error; any value above should work fine.

Switching to Circle-Scaled and creating another unfold solid shows that 1,67 mm is the base for the property DataSize Ratio, too.


  • The k factor defines where within the thickness of a sheet the neutral axis is located.
(It would be nice to know if this factor is according to ISO or ANSI standard...)


See also: Property editor.

A SheetMetal CornerRelief object is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It also has the following additional properties:



  • Data (hidden)Base Feature (Link): Base Feature. Link to the parent feature.
  • Data (hidden)_Body (LinkHidden): Hidden link to the parent body.


  • DataReliefSketch (Enumeration): "Corner Relief Type". Circle (default), Circle-Scaled, Square, Square-Scaled, Sketch.
  • DataSize (Length): "Size of Shape". Default: 3,00 mm.
  • DataSize Ratio (Float): "Size Ratio of Shape". Default: 1,50.
  • Database Object (LinkSub): "Base Object". Links to the pair of edges defining the Corner Relief position.
  • Datakfactor (FloatConstraint): "Neutral Axis Position". Default: 0,50.


  • DataSketch (Link): "Corner Relief Sketch".
  • DataXOffset (Distance): "Gap from side one". Default: 0,00 mm.
  • DataYOffset (Distance): "Gap from side two". Default: 0,00 mm.