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SheetMetal AddBend.svg SheetMetal AddBend

Menu location
SheetMetal → Make Bend
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
SheetMetal AddRelief, SheetMetal AddJunction


The SheetMetal AddBend.svg SheetMetal AddBend command replaces sharp edges between between two sections (base plate/walls/flanges) of a sheet metal object with rounded bends. Without these bends the object will not be unfoldable.

This command is the third of three steps to convert a shell object made with the Part Workbench or PartDesign Workbench into an unfoldable sheet metal object:

  1. SheetMetal AddRelief
  2. SheetMetal AddJunction
  3. SheetMetal AddBend

SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-01.png Button right.svg SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-02.png Button right.svg SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-03.png Button right.svg SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-04.png

Make Bend - replace edges with bends


  1. Select one or more edge(s).
  2. Activate the SheetMetal AddBend.svg SheetMetal AddBend command using one of the following:
    • The SheetMetal AddBend.svg SheetMetal AddBend button.
    • The SheetMetal → SheetMetal AddBend.svg Make Bend menu option.
    • The keyboard shortcut: S then B.

SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-07.png Button right.svg SheetMetal ConvertShellObject-08.png


The commands SheetMetal AddRelief.svg SheetMetal AddRelief, SheetMetal AddJunction.svg SheetMetal AddJunction, and SheetMetal AddBend.svg SheetMetal AddBend work best with hollow cuboids i.e. shell objects with a constant thickness and only 90° angles between faces.

See SheetMetal AddRelief for hints about creating shell objects of cuboids.


See also: Property editor.

A SheetMetal SolidBend object is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It also has the following additional properties and its label has a default value:



  • DANELabel (String): Default value: SolidBend (+ a sequential number for second and following items).
    The user editable name of this object, it may be any arbitrary UTF8 string.
  • DANE (hidden)Base Feature (Link): Base Feature. Link to the parent feature.
  • DANE (hidden)_Body (LinkHidden): Hidden link to the parent body.


  • DANEbase Object (LinkSub): "Base object". Links to the edges to be bent.
  • DANEradius (Length): "Bend Radius". Default: 1,00 mm.
  • DANEthickness (Length): "Thickness of sheetmetal". Default: 1,00 mm.