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The information here was moved from WikiPages to avoid cluttering that page.

{{Macro|Icon=Text-x-python|Name=Dimensions|Description=Dimensioning |Author=eason}}


Macro for easy add dimension to Draft ... objects ...


How to install

  • Copy and paste the code into a macro (see Ho to install macro)
  • Save with a meaningful name (for me "dm")


  • In FreeCAD Python Console digit "import dm" -> Return
  • In FreeCAD Python Console digit "dm.showup()" -> Return
  • set path for .ttf
    • in its latest tested version, the path must be defined on line 1112, replacing path = "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family/Ubuntu-B.ttf"
  • set other options


  • Auto: Vertical + parallel. Point1 and point2 you click decide the string, and the point3 decide direction and the position.
  • 2Point: The string is the distance of the point1 and point2. Point3 decide the position of the string.
  • Vertical: Just like auto, but the direction must be vertical.
  • Parallel: Just like auto, but the direction must be parallel.
  • Orthogonal:
  • Angle: To click line1 and line2. They will decide a angle. And last point decide the position of the string.
  • Custom: Mmake a String what you enter. Point1 is the start. point2 is the end.
  • Del obj: It can delete the dimension you make. Just click it and what you clicked will be deleted.

Limitations and things to improve

  • When lines are moved, the dimensions do not follow the design
  • parallel functions as "orthogonal" (to me) solved, parallel has been removed
  • path for .ttf is lost when exit, or Freecad is closed solved, now the path is set in the code
  • It can not be paused, but it is always active, or exit
  • It works only in the xy plane, or planes parallel to the xy
  • When you break a dimension, disappear all properties


  • download from the forum, here it is not accepted
  • if it is present, remove the line 9 "import GSDraftGeomUtils"


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