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This page is aiming at refactoring the keyboard shortcuts in FreeCAD. Indeed at the moment, several problems exist such as overlapping, lack of consistency, ... When work is over, this page can be mutated so it serves as a keyboard shortcuts overview.

Discussion in the forum


Proposed activities are (more or less in chronological order) :

  • List all available commands by workbench
  • Define global guidelines
  • Define new shortcuts to commands (following guidelines)
  • Implement in the code

Global guidelines

Proposed guidelines :

  • Use standard shortcuts for standard commands across software (New, Open, Save, Undo/Redo, ...)
  • Shortcuts using 'Ctrl' key should be reserved for global commands
  • Function keys (F1 to F12) should be reserved for global commands
  • Shortcuts using 'Shift' key could be used to indicate an opposite/complementary action (to the one without 'Shift')
  • Shortcuts using 'Alt' key should be avoided (it is used to access menus, and 'Ctrl+Alt' or 'Shift+Alt' are often system shortcuts)
  • Shortcuts using only alpha key (single or combo -- without modifier) should be reserved to workbench local commands
  • Shortcuts using only num key (without modifier) should be avoided (to prevent unwanted actions)
  • Shortcuts using system keys ('PrntScr', 'Pause', ...) should be avoided
  • Most used commands should have a shortcut. Not all commands have to have a shotcut.

List of commands

Note: "A" means the keyboard key A, not the upper case letter A (aka Shift-Key A)

Global Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Std_About Std About.svg About %1
Std_ActivateNextWindow Std ActivateNextWindow.svg Activate next window Ctrl+Tab
Std_ActivatePrevWindow Std ActivatePrevWindow.svg Activate previous window Ctrl+Shift+Backtab
Std_AddonMgr Std AddonMgr.svg Manage external workbenches and macros
Std_Alignment Std Alignment.svg Align the selected objects
Std_AxisCross Std AxisCross.svg Toggle axis cross
Std_BoxElementSelection Std BoxElementSelection.svg Box element selection Shift+E
Std_BoxSelection Std BoxSelection.svg Box selection Shift+B
Std_CascadeWindows Std CascadeWindows.svg Tile pragmatic
Std_CloseActiveWindow Std CloseActiveWindow.svg Close active window Ctrl+F4
Std_CloseAllWindows Std CloseAllWindows.svg Close all windows
Std_Copy Std Copy.svg Copy operation Ctrl+C
Std_Cut Std Cut.svg Cut out Ctrl+X
Std_Delete Std Delete.svg Deletes the selected objects Del
Std_DemoMode Std DemoMode.svg View turntable
Std_DlgCustomize Std DlgCustomize.svg Customize toolbars and command bars
Std_DlgMacroExecute Std DlgMacroExecute.svg Opens a dialog to let you execute a recorded macro
Std_DlgMacroExecuteDirect Std DlgMacroExecuteDirect.svg Execute the macro in the editor Ctrl+F6
Std_DlgMacroRecord Std DlgMacroRecord.svg Opens a dialog to record a macro
Std_DlgParameter Std DlgParameter.svg Opens a Dialog to edit the parameters
Std_DlgPreferences Std DlgPreferences.svg Opens a Dialog to edit the preferences
Std_DrawStyle Std DrawStyle.svg Draw style
Std_DuplicateSelection Std DuplicateSelection.svg Put duplicates of the selected objects to the active document
Std_Edit Std Edit.svg Toggles the selected object's edit mode
Std_Export Std Export.svg Export an object in the active document Ctrl+E
Std_ExportGraphviz 24px Show the dependency graph of the objects in the active document
Std_Expressions 24px Expression actions
Std_FreeCADFAQ Std FreeCADFAQ.svg Frequently Asked Questions on the FreeCAD website
Std_FreeCADForum Std FreeCADForum.svg The FreeCAD forum, where you can find help from other users
Std_FreeCADPowerUserHub Std FreeCADPowerUserHub.svg Python scripting documentation on the FreeCAD website
Std_FreeCADUserHub Std FreeCADUserHub.svg Documentation for users on the FreeCAD website
Std_FreeCADWebsite Std FreeCADWebsite.svg The FreeCAD website
Std_Group Std Group.svg Create a new group for ordering objects
Std_HideObjects Std HideObjects.svg Hide all objects in the document
Std_HideSelection Std HideSelection.svg Hide all selected objects
Std_Import Std Import.svg Import a file in the active document Ctrl+I
Std_LinkImport Std LinkImport.svg Import selected external link(s)
Std_LinkImportAll Std LinkImportAll.svg Import all links of the active document
Std_LinkMake Std LinkMake.svg Create a link to the selected object(s)
Std_LinkMakeGroup Std LinkMakeGroup.svg Create a group of links
Std_LinkMakeRelative Std LinkMakeRelative.svg Create a sub-object or sub-element link
Std_LinkReplace Std LinkReplace.svg Replace the selected object(s) with link
Std_LinkSelectAllLinks Std LinkSelectAllLinks.svg Select all links to the current selected object
Std_LinkSelectLinked Std LinkSelectLinked.svg Select the linked object and switch to its owner document S, G
Std_LinkSelectLinkedFinal Std LinkSelectLinkedFinal.svg Select the deepest linked object and switch to its owner document S, D
Std_LinkUnlink Std LinkUnlink.svg Strip on level of link
Std_MacroAttachDebugger 24px Attach to a remotely running debugger
Std_MacroStartDebug Std MacroStartDebug.svg Start debugging of macro F6
Std_MacroStepInto 24px Step into F11
Std_MacroStepOver 24px Step over F10
Std_MacroStopDebug Std MacroStopDebug.svg Stop debugging of macro Shift+F6
Std_MacroStopRecord Std MacroStopRecord.svg Stop the macro recording session
Std_MainFullscreen Std MainFullscreen.svg Display the main window in fullscreen mode Alt+F11
Std_MeasureDistance Std MeasureDistance.svg Measure distance
Std_MergeProjects Std MergeProjects.svg Merge project
Std_New Std New.svg Create a new empty document Ctrl+N
Std_OnlineHelp Std OnlineHelp.svg Show help to the application F1
Std_Open Std Open.svg Open a document or import files Ctrl+O
Std_OrthographicCamera Std OrthographicCamera.svg Switches to orthographic view mode V, O
Std_Part Std Part.svg Create a new part and make it active
Std_Paste Std Paste.svg Paste operation Ctrl+V
Std_PerspectiveCamera Std PerspectiveCamera.svg Switches to perspective view mode V, P
Std_Placement Std Placement.svg Place the selected objects
Std_Print Std Print.svg Print the document Ctrl+P
Std_PrintPdf Std PrintPdf.svg Export the document as PDF
Std_PrintPreview Std PrintPreview.svg Print the document
Std_ProjectInfo Std ProjectInfo.svg Show details of the currently active project
Std_ProjectUtil Std ProjectUtil.svg Utility to extract or create project files
Std_PythonHelp Std PythonHelp.svg Opens a browser to show the Python modules documentation
Std_Quit Std Quit.svg Quits the application Alt+F4
Std_RandomColor Std RandomColor.svg Random color
Std_RecentFiles Std RecentFiles.svg Recent file list
Std_Redo Std Redo.svg Redoes a previously undone action Ctrl+Y
Std_Refresh Std Refresh.svg Recomputes the current active document F5
Std_Revert Std Revert.svg Reverts to the saved version of this file
Std_Save Std Save.svg Save the active document Ctrl+S
Std_SaveAll Std SaveAll.svg Save all opened document
Std_SaveAs Std SaveAs.svg Save the active document under a new file name
Std_SaveCopy Std SaveCopy.svg Save a copy of the active document under a new file name
Std_SceneInspector Std SceneInspector.svg Scene inspector
Std_SelBack Std SelBack.svg Go back to previous selection S, B
Std_SelBoundingBox Std SelBoundingBox.svg Show selection bounding box
Std_SelForward Std SelForward.svg Repeat the backed selection S, F
Std_SelectAll Std SelectAll.svg Select all
Std_SelectVisibleObjects Std SelectVisibleObjects.svg Select visible objects in the active document
Std_SendToPythonConsole Std SendToPythonConsole.svg Sends the selected object to the Python console Ctrl+Shift+P
Std_SetAppearance Std SetAppearance.svg Sets the display properties of the selected object Ctrl+D
Std_ShowObjects Std ShowObjects.svg Show all objects in the document
Std_ShowSelection Std ShowSelection.svg Show all selected objects
Std_TextDocument Std TextDocument.svg Add text document to active document
Std_TextureMapping Std TextureMapping.svg Texture mapping
Std_TileWindows Std TileWindows.svg Tile the windows
Std_ToggleBreakpoint 24px Toggle breakpoint F9
Std_ToggleClipPlane Std ToggleClipPlane.svg Toggles clipping plane for active view
Std_ToggleNavigation Std ToggleNavigation.svg Toggle between navigation and edit mode Esc
Std_ToggleObjects Std ToggleObjects.svg Toggles visibility of all objects in the active document
Std_ToggleSelectability Std ToggleSelectability.svg Toggles the property of the objects to get selected in the 3D-View
Std_ToggleVisibility Std ToggleVisibility.svg Toggles visibility Space
Std_TransformManip Std TransformManip.svg Transform the selected object in the 3d view
Std_TreeCollapseDocument Std TreeCollapseDocument.svg Expand active document and collapse all others
Std_TreeDrag Std TreeDrag.svg Initiate dragging of current selected tree items T,D
Std_TreeMultiDocument Std TreeMultiDocument.svg Display all documents in the tree view
Std_TreePreSelection Std TreePreSelection.svg Preselect the object in 3D view when mouse over the tree item T,4
Std_TreeRecordSelection Std TreeRecordSelection.svg Record selection in tree view in order to go back/forward using navigation button T,5
Std_TreeSelectAllInstances Std TreeSelectAllInstances.svg Select all instances of the current selected object
Std_TreeSelection Std TreeSelection.svg Scroll to first selected item T,G
Std_TreeSingleDocument Std TreeSingleDocument.svg Only display the active document in the tree view
Std_TreeSyncPlacement Std TreeSyncPlacement.svg Auto adjust placement on drag and drop objects across coordinate systems T,3
Std_TreeSyncSelection Std TreeSyncSelection.svg Auto expand tree item when the corresponding object is selected in 3D view T,2
Std_TreeSyncView Std TreeSyncView.svg Auto switch to the 3D view containing the selected item T,1
Std_Undo Std Undo.svg Undo exactly one action Ctrl+Z
Std_UnitsCalculator Std UnitsCalculator.svg Start the units calculator
Std_ViewBottom Std ViewBottom.svg Set to bottom view 5
Std_ViewBoxZoom Std ViewBoxZoom.svg Box zoom Ctrl+B
Std_ViewCreate Std ViewCreate.svg Creates a new view window for the active document
Std_ViewDimetric Std ViewDimetric.svg Set to dimetric view
Std_ViewFitAll Std ViewFitAll.svg Fits the whole content on the screen V, F
Std_ViewFitSelection Std ViewFitSelection.svg Fits the selected content on the screen V, S
Std_ViewFront Std ViewFront.svg Set to front view 1
Std_ViewFullscreen Std ViewFullscreen.svg Display the active view either in fullscreen, in undocked or docked mode F11
Std_ViewIsometric Std ViewIsometric.svg Set to isometric view 0
Std_ViewIvIssueCamPos Std ViewIvIssueCamPos.svg Issue the camera position to the console and to a macro, to easily recall this position
Std_ViewIvStereoInterleavedColumns Std ViewIvStereoInterleavedColumns.svg Switch stereo viewing to Interleaved Columns
Std_ViewIvStereoInterleavedRows Std ViewIvStereoInterleavedRows.svg Switch stereo viewing to Interleaved Rows
Std_ViewIvStereoOff Std ViewIvStereoOff.svg Switch stereo viewing off
Std_ViewIvStereoQuadBuff Std ViewIvStereoQuadBuff.svg Switch stereo viewing to quad buffer
Std_ViewIvStereoRedGreen Std ViewIvStereoRedGreen.svg Switch stereo viewing to red/cyan
Std_ViewLeft Std ViewLeft.svg Set to left view 6
Std_ViewRear Std ViewRear.svg Set to rear view 4
Std_ViewRight Std ViewRight.svg Set to right view 3
Std_ViewRotateLeft Std ViewRotateLeft.svg Rotate the view by 90° counter-clockwise Shift+Left
Std_ViewRotateRight Std ViewRotateRight.svg Rotate the view by 90° clockwise Shift+Right
Std_ViewScreenShot Std ViewScreenShot.svg Creates a screenshot of the active view
Std_ViewStatusBar 24px Toggles the status bar
Std_ViewTop Std ViewTop.svg Set to top view 2
Std_ViewTrimetric Std ViewTrimetric.svg Set to trimetric view
Std_ViewZoomIn Std ViewZoomIn.svg Zoom In Ctrl++
Std_ViewZoomOut Std ViewZoomOut.svg Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Std_WhatsThis Std WhatsThis.svg What's This Shift+F1
Std_Windows Std Windows.svg Windows list
Std_Workbench 24px Switch between workbenches
View_Measure_Clear_All View Measure Clear All.svg Clear measurement
View_Measure_Toggle_All View Measure Toggle All.svg Toggle measurement

Arch Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Arch_3Views Arch 3Views.svg Creates 3 views (top, front, side) from a mesh-based object
Arch_Add Arch Add.svg Adds the selected components to the active object
Arch_Axis Arch Axis.svg Creates a set of axes A, X
Arch_AxisSystem Arch AxisSystem.svg Creates an axis system from a set of axes X, S
Arch_Building Arch Building.svg Creates a building object including selected objects. B, U
Arch_BuildingPart Arch BuildingPart.svg Creates a BuildingPart object including selected objects B, P
Arch_Check Arch Check.svg Checks the selected objects for problems
Arch_CloneComponent Arch CloneComponent.svg Clones an object as an undefined architectural component C, C
Arch_CloseHoles Arch CloseHoles.svg Closes holes in open shapes, turning them solids
Arch_Component Arch Component.svg Creates an undefined architectural component C, M
Arch_CutLine Arch CutLine.svg Cut an object with a line with normal workplane
Arch_CutPlane Arch CutPlane.svg Cut an object with a plane
Arch_Equipment Arch Equipment.svg Creates an equipment object from a selected object (Part or Mesh) E, Q
Arch_Fence Arch Fence.svg Creates a fence object from a selected section, post and path
Arch_Floor Arch Floor.svg Creates a Building Part object that represents a level, including selected objects L, V
Arch_Frame Arch Frame.svg Creates a frame object from a planar 2D object (the extrusion path(s)) and a profile. Make sure objects are selected in that order. F, R
Arch_Grid Arch Grid.svg Creates a customizable grid object A, X
Arch_IfcSpreadsheet Arch IfcSpreadsheet.svg Creates a spreadsheet to store IFC properties of an object. I, P
Arch_MergeWalls Arch MergeWalls.svg Merges the selected walls, if possible
Arch_MeshToShape Arch MeshToShape.svg Turns selected meshes into Part Shape objects
Arch_MultiMaterial Arch MultiMaterial.svg Creates or edits multi-materials M, T
Arch_Nest Arch Nest.svg Nests a series of selected shapes in a container N, E
Arch_Panel Arch Panel.svg Creates a panel object from scratch or from a selected object (sketch, wire, face or solid) P, A
Arch_Panel_Cut Arch Panel Cut.svg Creates 2D views of selected panels P, C
Arch_Panel_Sheet Arch Panel Sheet.svg Creates a 2D sheet which can contain panel cuts P, S
Arch_Pipe Arch Pipe.svg Creates a pipe object from a given Wire or Line P, I
Arch_PipeConnector Arch PipeConnector.svg Creates a connector between 2 or 3 selected pipes P, C
Arch_Project Arch Project.svg Creates a project entity aggregating the selected sites. P, O
Arch_Rebar Arch Rebar.svg Creates a Reinforcement bar from the selected face of a structural object R, B
Arch_Reference Arch Reference.svg Creates an external reference object E, X
Arch_Remove Arch Remove.svg Remove the selected components from their parents, or create a hole in a component
Arch_RemoveShape Arch RemoveShape.svg Removes cubic shapes from Arch components
Arch_Roof Arch Roof.svg Creates a roof object from the selected wire. R, F
Arch_Schedule Arch Schedule.svg Creates a schedule to collect data from the model
Arch_SectionPlane Arch SectionPlane.svg Creates a section plane object, including the selected objects S, E
Arch_SelectNonSolidMeshes Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes.svg Selects all non-manifold meshes from the document or from the selected groups
Arch_Site Arch Site.svg Creates a site object including selected objects. S, I
Arch_Space Arch Space.svg Creates a space object from selected boundary objects S, P
Arch_SplitMesh Arch SplitMesh.svg Splits selected meshes into independent components
Arch_Stairs Arch Stairs.svg Creates a stairs object S, R
Arch_Structure Arch Structure.svg Creates a structure object from scratch or from a selected object (sketch, wire, face or solid) S, T
Arch_Survey Arch Survey.svg Starts survey
Arch_ToggleIfcBrepFlag Arch ToggleIfcBrepFlag.svg Force an object to be exported as Brep or not
Arch_ToggleSubs Arch ToggleSubs.svg Shows or hides the subcomponents of this object Ctrl+Space
Arch_Truss Arch Truss.svg Creates a truss object from selected line or from scratch T, U
Arch_Wall Arch Wall.svg Creates a wall object from scratch or from a selected object (wire, face or solid) W, A
Arch_Window Arch Window.svg Creates a window object from a selected object (wire, rectangle or sketch) W, N

Draft Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Draft_AddConstruction Draft AddConstruction.svg Adds the selected objects to the construction group, and changes their appearance to the construction style. It creates a construction group if it doesn't exist.
Draft_AddToGroup Draft AddToGroup.svg Moves the selected objects to an existing group, or removes them from any group. Create a group first to use this tool.
Draft_AnnotationStyleEditor Draft AnnotationStyleEditor.svg Manage or create annotation styles
Draft_ApplyStyle Draft ApplyStyle.svg Applies the current style defined in the toolbar (line width and colors) to the selected objects and groups.
Draft_Arc Draft Arc.svg Creates a circular arc by a center point and a radius. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. A, R
Draft_Arc_3Points Draft Arc 3Points.svg Creates a circular arc by picking 3 points. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. A,T
Draft_AutoGroup Draft AutoGroup.svg Select a group to add all Draft and Arch objects to.
Draft_BSpline Draft BSpline.svg Creates a multiple-point B-spline. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. B, S
Draft_BezCurve Draft BezCurve.svg Creates an N-degree Bezier curve. The more points you pick, the higher the degree. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. B, Z
Draft_Circle Draft Circle.svg Creates a circle (full circular arc). CTRL to snap, ALT to select tangent objects. C, I
Draft_CircularArray Draft CircularArray.svg Creates copies of a selected object, and places the copies in a circular pattern. The properties of the array can be further modified after the new object is created, including turning it into a different type of array.
Draft_Clone Draft Clone.svg Creates a clone of the selected objects. The resulting clone can be scaled in each of its three directions. C,L
Draft_CubicBezCurve Draft CubicBezCurve.svg Creates a Bezier curve made of 2nd degree (quadratic) and 3rd degree (cubic) segments. Click and drag to define each segment. After the curve is created you can go back to edit each control point and set the properties of each knot. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain.
Draft_Dimension Draft Dimension.svg Creates a dimension. Select a straight line to create a linear dimension. Select an arc or circle to create a radius or diameter dimension. Select two straight lines to create an angular dimension between them. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain, ALT to select an edge or arc. D, I
Draft_Downgrade Draft Downgrade.svg Downgrades the selected objects into simpler shapes. The result of the operation depends on the types of objects, which may be able to be downgraded several times in a row. For example, it explodes the selected polylines into simpler faces, wires, and then edges. It can also subtract faces. D, N
Draft_Draft2Sketch Draft Draft2Sketch.svg Convert bidirectionally between Draft objects and Sketches. Many Draft objects will be converted into a single non-constrained Sketch. However, a single sketch with disconnected traces will be converted into several individual Draft objects.
Draft_Edit Draft Edit.svg Edits the active object. Press E or ALT+LeftClick to display context menu on supported nodes and on supported objects. D, E
Draft_Ellipse Draft Ellipse.svg Creates an ellipse. CTRL to snap. E, L
Draft_Facebinder Draft Facebinder.svg Creates a facebinder object from selected faces. F,F
Draft_Fillet Draft Fillet.svg Creates a fillet between two wires or edges.
Draft_FlipDimension Draft FlipDimension.svg Flip the normal direction of the selected dimensions (linear, radial, angular). If other objects are selected they are ignored.
Draft_Heal Draft Heal.svg Heal faulty Draft objects saved with an earlier version of the program. If an object is selected it will try to heal that object in particular, otherwise it will try to heal all objects in the active document.
Draft_Join Draft Join.svg Joins the selected lines or polylines into a single object. The lines must share a common point at the start or at the end for the operation to succeed. J, O
Draft_Label Draft Label.svg Creates a label, optionally attached to a selected object or element. D, L
Draft_Layer Draft Layer.svg Adds a layer
Draft_Line Draft Line.svg Creates a 2-point line. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. L,I
Draft_Mirror Draft Mirror.svg Mirrors the selected objects along a line defined by two points. M, I
Draft_Move Draft Move.svg Moves the selected objects from one base point to another point. If the "copy" option is active, it will create displaced copies. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. M, V
Draft_Offset Draft Offset.svg Offsets of the selected object. It can also create an offset copy of the original object. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. Hold ALT and click to create a copy with each click. O, S
Draft_OrthoArray Draft OrthoArray.svg Creates copies of a selected object, and places the copies in an orthogonal pattern. The properties of the array can be further modified after the new object is created, including turning it into a different type of array.
Draft_PathArray Draft PathArray.svg Creates copies of a selected object along a selected path. First select the object, and then select the path. The path can be a polyline, B-spline or Bezier curve.
Draft_PathLinkArray Draft PathLinkArray.svg Like the PathArray tool, but creates a 'Link array' instead. A 'Link array' is more efficient when handling many copies but the 'Fuse' option cannot be used.
Draft_Point Draft Point.svg Creates a point object. Click anywhere on the 3D view.
Draft_PointArray Draft PointArray.svg Creates copies of a selected object at the position of various points. The points need to be grouped under a compound of points before using this tool. To create this compound, select various points and then use the Upgrade tool to create a 'Block'. Select the base object, and then select the compound to create the point array.
Draft_PolarArray Draft PolarArray.svg Creates copies of a selected object, and places the copies in a polar pattern. The properties of the array can be further modified after the new object is created, including turning it into a different type of array.
Draft_Polygon Draft Polygon.svg Creates a regular polygon (triangle, square, pentagon, ...), by defining the number of sides and the circumscribed radius. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain P, G
Draft_Rectangle Draft Rectangle.svg Creates a 2-point rectangle. CTRL to snap. R, E
Draft_Rotate Draft Rotate.svg Rotates the selected objects. Choose the center of rotation, then the initial angle, and then the final angle. If the "copy" option is active, it will create rotated copies. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. Hold ALT and click to create a copy with each click. R, O
Draft_Scale Draft Scale.svg Scales the selected objects from a base point. CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain, ALT to copy. S, C
Draft_SelectGroup Draft SelectGroup.svg If the selection is a group, it selects all objects that are inside this group, including those in nested sub-groups. If the selection is a simple object inside a group, it will select the "brother" objects, that is, those that are at the same level as this object, including the upper group that contains them all.
Draft_SelectPlane Draft SelectPlane.svg Select the face of solid body to create a working plane on which to sketch Draft objects. You may also select a three vertices or a Working Plane Proxy. W, P
Draft_Shape2DView Draft Shape2DView.svg Creates a 2D projection of the selected objects on the XY plane. The initial projection direction is the negative of the current active view direction. You can select individual faces to project, or the entire solid, and also include hidden lines. These projections can be used to create technical drawings with the TechDraw Workbench.
Draft_ShapeString Draft ShapeString.svg Creates a shape from a text string by choosing a specific font and a placement. The closed shapes can be used for extrusions and boolean operations. S, S
Draft_ShowSnapBar Draft ShowSnapBar.svg Show the snap toolbar if it is hidden.
Draft_Slope Draft Slope.svg Sets the slope of the selected line by changing the value of the Z value of one of its points. If a polyline is selected, it will apply the slope transformation to each of its segments. The slope will always change the Z value, therefore this command only works well for straight Draft lines that are drawn in the XY plane. Selected objects that aren't single lines will be ignored.
Draft_Snap_Angle Draft Snap Angle.svg Set snapping to points in a circular arc located at multiples of 30 and 45 degree angles.
Draft_Snap_Center Draft Snap Center.svg Set snapping to the center of a circular arc.
Draft_Snap_Dimensions Draft Snap Dimensions.svg Show temporary linear dimensions when editing an object and using other snapping methods.
Draft_Snap_Endpoint Draft Snap Endpoint.svg Set snapping to endpoints of an edge.
Draft_Snap_Extension Draft Snap Extension.svg Set snapping to the extension of an edge.
Draft_Snap_Grid Draft Snap Grid.svg Set snapping to the intersection of grid lines.
Draft_Snap_Intersection Draft Snap Intersection.svg Set snapping to the intersection of edges.
Draft_Snap_Lock Draft Snap Lock.svg Activates or deactivates all snap methods at once. Shift+S
Draft_Snap_Midpoint Draft Snap Midpoint.svg Set snapping to the midpoint of an edge.
Draft_Snap_Near Draft Snap Near.svg Set snapping to the nearest point of an edge.
Draft_Snap_Ortho Draft Snap Ortho.svg Set snapping to a direction that is a multiple of 45 degrees from a point.
Draft_Snap_Parallel Draft Snap Parallel.svg Set snapping to a direction that is parallel to an edge.
Draft_Snap_Perpendicular Draft Snap Perpendicular.svg Set snapping to a direction that is perpendicular to an edge.
Draft_Snap_Special Draft Snap Special.svg Set snapping to the special points defined inside an object.
Draft_Snap_WorkingPlane Draft Snap WorkingPlane.svg Restricts snapping to a point in the current working plane. If you select a point outside the working plane, for example, by using other snapping methods, it will snap to that point's projection in the current working plane.
Draft_Split Draft Split.svg Splits the selected line or polyline into two independent lines or polylines by clicking anywhere along the original object. It works best when choosing a point on a straight segment and not a corner vertex. S, P
Draft_Stretch Draft Stretch.svg Stretches the selected objects. Select an object, then draw a rectangle to pick the vertices that will be stretched, then draw a line to specify the distance and direction of stretching. S, H
Draft_SubelementHighlight Draft SubelementHighlight.svg Highlight the subelements of the selected objects, so that they can then be edited with the move, rotate, and scale tools. H, S
Draft_Text Draft Text.svg Creates a multi-line annotation. CTRL to snap. T, E
Draft_ToggleConstructionMode Draft ToggleConstructionMode.svg Toggles the Construction mode. When this is active, the following objects created will be included in the construction group, and will be drawn with the specified color and properties. C, M
Draft_ToggleContinueMode Draft ToggleContinueMode.svg Toggles the Continue mode. When this is active, any drawing tool that is terminated will automatically start again. This can be used to draw several objects one after the other in succession.
Draft_ToggleDisplayMode Draft ToggleDisplayMode.svg Switches the display mode of selected objects from flatlines to wireframe and back. This is helpful to quickly visualize objects that are hidden by other objects. This is intended to be used with closed shapes and solids, and doesn't affect open wires. Shift+Space
Draft_ToggleGrid Draft ToggleGrid.svg Toggles the Draft grid on and off. G,R
Draft_Trimex Draft Trimex.svg Trims or extends the selected object, or extrudes single faces. CTRL snaps, SHIFT constrains to current segment or to normal, ALT inverts. T, R
Draft_Upgrade Draft Upgrade.svg Upgrades the selected objects into more complex shapes. The result of the operation depends on the types of objects, which may be able to be upgraded several times in a row. For example, it can join the selected objects into one, convert simple edges into parametric polylines, convert closed edges into filled faces and parametric polygons, and merge faces into a single face. U, P
Draft_Wire Draft Wire.svg Creates a multiple-points line (polyline). CTRL to snap, SHIFT to constrain. P, L
Draft_WireToBSpline Draft WireToBSpline.svg Converts a selected polyline to a B-spline, or a B-spline to a polyline.
Draft_WorkingPlaneProxy Draft WorkingPlaneProxy.svg Creates a proxy object from the current working plane. Once the object is created double click it in the tree view to restore the camera position and objects' visibilities. Then you can use it to save a different camera position and objects' states any time you need.

Drawing Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Drawing_Annotation Inserts an Annotation view in the active drawing
Drawing_Clip Inserts a clip group in the active drawing
Drawing_DraftView Inserts a Draft view of the selected object(s) in the active drawing
Drawing_ExportPage Export a page to an SVG file
Drawing_NewA3Landscape Insert new A3 landscape drawing
Drawing_NewPage Insert new drawing
Drawing_NewView Insert a new View of a Part in the active drawing
Drawing_Open Open a scalable vector graphic
Drawing_OpenBrowserView Opens the selected page in a browser view
Drawing_OrthoViews Insert an orthographic projection of a part in the active drawing
Drawing_ProjectShape Project shape onto a user-defined plane
Drawing_SpreadsheetView Inserts a view of a selected spreadsheet in the active drawing
Drawing_Symbol Inserts a symbol from a svg file in the active drawing

FEM Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
FEM_Analysis FEM Analysis.svg Creates an analysis container with standard solver CalculiX N, A
FEM_ClippingPlaneAdd FEM ClippingPlaneAdd.svg Add a clipping plane on a selected face
FEM_ClippingPlaneRemoveAll FEM ClippingPlaneRemoveAll.svg Remove all clipping planes
FEM_ConstraintBearing FEM ConstraintBearing.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a bearing
FEM_ConstraintBodyHeatSource FEM ConstraintBodyHeatSource.svg Creates a FEM constraint body heat source
FEM_ConstraintContact FEM ConstraintContact.svg Creates a FEM constraint for contact between faces
FEM_ConstraintDisplacement FEM ConstraintDisplacement.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a displacement acting on a geometric entity
FEM_ConstraintElectrostaticPotential FEM ConstraintElectrostaticPotential.svg Creates a FEM constraint electrostatic potential
FEM_ConstraintFixed FEM ConstraintFixed.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a fixed geometric entity
FEM_ConstraintFlowVelocity FEM ConstraintFlowVelocity.svg Creates a FEM constraint flow velocity
FEM_ConstraintFluidBoundary FEM ConstraintFluidBoundary.svg Create fluid boundary condition on face entity for Computional Fluid Dynamics
FEM_ConstraintForce FEM ConstraintForce.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a force acting on a geometric entity
FEM_ConstraintGear FEM ConstraintGear.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a gear
FEM_ConstraintHeatflux FEM ConstraintHeatflux.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a heatflux acting on a face
FEM_ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity.svg Creates a FEM constraint initial flow velocity
FEM_ConstraintInitialTemperature FEM ConstraintInitialTemperature.svg Creates a FEM constraint for initial temperature acting on a body
FEM_ConstraintPlaneRotation FEM ConstraintPlaneRotation.svg Creates a FEM constraint for plane rotation face
FEM_ConstraintPressure FEM ConstraintPressure.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a pressure acting on a face
FEM_ConstraintPulley FEM ConstraintPulley.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a pulley
FEM_ConstraintSelfWeight FEM ConstraintSelfWeight.svg Creates a FEM constraint self weight C, W
FEM_ConstraintTemperature FEM ConstraintTemperature.svg Creates a FEM constraint for a temperature/concentrated heat flux acting on a face
FEM_ConstraintTie FEM ConstraintTie.svg Creates a FEM constraint tie C, T
FEM_ConstraintTransform FEM ConstraintTransform.svg Create FEM constraint for transforming a face
FEM_CreateNodesSet FEM CreateNodesSet.svg Creates a FEM mesh nodes set
FEM_ElementFluid1D FEM ElementFluid1D.svg Creates a FEM fluid section for 1D flow C, B
FEM_ElementGeometry1D FEM ElementGeometry1D.svg Creates a FEM beam cross section C, B
FEM_ElementGeometry2D FEM ElementGeometry2D.svg Creates a FEM shell plate thickness C, S
FEM_ElementRotation1D FEM ElementRotation1D.svg Creates a FEM beam rotation C, R
FEM_EquationElasticity FEM EquationElasticity.svg Creates a FEM equation for elasticity
FEM_EquationElectrostatic FEM EquationElectrostatic.svg Creates a FEM equation for electrostatic
FEM_EquationFlow FEM EquationFlow.svg Creates a FEM equation for flow
FEM_EquationFlux FEM EquationFlux.svg Creates a FEM equation for fluxsolver
FEM_EquationHeat FEM EquationHeat.svg Creates a FEM equation for heat
FEM_MaterialFluid FEM MaterialFluid.svg Creates a FEM material for fluid M M
FEM_MaterialMechanicalNonlinear FEM MaterialMechanicalNonlinear.svg Creates a nonlinear mechanical material C, W
FEM_MaterialReinforced FEM MaterialReinforced.svg Creates a material for reinforced matrix material such as concrete M, M
FEM_MaterialSolid FEM MaterialSolid.svg Creates a FEM material for solid M, M
FEM_MeshBoundaryLayer FEM MeshBoundaryLayer.svg Creates a FEM mesh boundary layer M, B
FEM_MeshClear FEM MeshClear.svg Clear the Mesh of a FEM mesh object
FEM_MeshDisplayInfo FEM MeshDisplayInfo.svg Display FEM mesh info
FEM_MeshGmshFromShape FEM MeshGmshFromShape.svg Create a FEM mesh from a shape by Gmsh mesher
FEM_MeshGroup FEM MeshGroup.svg Creates a FEM mesh group M, G
FEM_MeshNetgenFromShape FEM MeshNetgenFromShape.svg Create a FEM mesh from a solid or face shape by Netgen internal mesher
FEM_MeshRegion FEM MeshRegion.svg Creates a FEM mesh region M, R
FEM_PostApplyChanges FEM PostApplyChanges.svg Apply changes to parameters directly and not on recompute only...
FEM_PostCreateFunctions 24px Functions for use in postprocessing filter...
FEM_PostFilterClipRegion FEM PostFilterClipRegion.svg Define/create a clip filter which uses functions to define the cliped region
FEM_PostFilterClipScalar FEM PostFilterClipScalar.svg Define/create a clip filter which clips a field with a scalar value
FEM_PostFilterCutFunction FEM PostFilterCutFunction.svg Cut the data along an implicit function
FEM_PostFilterDataAlongLine FEM PostFilterDataAlongLine.svg Define/create a clip filter which clips a field along a line
FEM_PostFilterDataAtPoint FEM PostFilterDataAtPoint.svg Define/create a clip filter which clips a field data at point
FEM_PostFilterLinearizedStresses FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses.svg Define/create stress linearization plots
FEM_PostFilterWarp FEM PostFilterWarp.svg Warp the geometry along a vector field by a certain factor
FEM_PostPipelineFromResult FEM PostPipelineFromResult.svg Creates a post processing pipeline from a result object
FEM_ResultShow FEM ResultShow.svg Shows and visualizes selected result data S, R
FEM_ResultsPurge FEM ResultsPurge.svg Purges all results from active analysis S, S
FEM_SolverCalculiX FEM SolverCalculiX.svg Creates a FEM solver CalculiX (experimental) S, C
FEM_SolverCalculixCxxtools FEM SolverCalculixCxxtools.svg Creates a standard FEM solver CalculiX with ccx tools S, X
FEM_SolverControl FEM SolverControl.svg Changes solver attributes and runs the calculations for the selected solver S, C
FEM_SolverElmer FEM SolverElmer.svg Creates a FEM solver Elmer S, E
FEM_SolverRun FEM SolverRun.svg Runs the calculations for the selected solver R, C
FEM_SolverZ88 FEM SolverZ88.svg Creates a FEM solver Z88 S, Z

Image Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Image_CreateImagePlane Image CreateImagePlane.svg Create a planar image in the 3D space
Image_Open Image Open.svg Open image view
Image_Scaling Image Scaling.svg Scales an image plane by defining a distance between two points

Inspection Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Inspection_InspectElement Get distance information
Inspection_VisualInspection Visual inspection

Mesh Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
MeshPart_CreateFlatFace MeshPart CreateFlatFace.svg find a flat representation of a mesh
MeshPart_CreateFlatMesh MeshPart CreateFlatMesh.svg find a flat representation of a mesh
Mesh_AddFacet Mesh AddFacet.svg Add triangle manually to a mesh
Mesh_BoundingBox Mesh BoundingBox.svg Shows the boundings of the selected mesh
Mesh_BuildRegularSolid Mesh BuildRegularSolid.svg Builds a regular solid
Mesh_CrossSections Mesh CrossSections.svg Cross-sections
Mesh_CurvatureInfo Mesh CurvatureInfo.svg Information about curvature
Mesh_Difference Mesh Difference.svg Difference
Mesh_EvaluateFacet Mesh EvaluateFacet.svg Information about face
Mesh_EvaluateSolid Mesh EvaluateSolid.svg Checks whether the mesh is a solid
Mesh_Evaluation Mesh Evaluation.svg Opens a dialog to analyze and repair a mesh
Mesh_Export Mesh Export.svg Exports a mesh to file
Mesh_FillInteractiveHole Mesh FillInteractiveHole.svg Close holes interactively
Mesh_FillupHoles Mesh FillupHoles.svg Fill holes of the mesh
Mesh_FlipNormals Mesh FlipNormals.svg Flips the normals of the mesh
Mesh_FromPartShape Mesh FromPartShape.svg Tessellate shape
Mesh_HarmonizeNormals Mesh HarmonizeNormals.svg Harmonizes the normals of the mesh
Mesh_Import Mesh Import.svg Imports a mesh from file
Mesh_Intersection Mesh Intersection.svg Intersection
Mesh_Merge Mesh Merge.svg Merges selected meshes into one
Mesh_PolyCut Mesh PolyCut.svg Cuts a mesh with a picked polygon
Mesh_PolyTrim Mesh PolyTrim.svg Trims a mesh with a picked polygon
Mesh_RemeshGmsh Mesh RemeshGmsh.svg Refine existing mesh
Mesh_RemoveCompByHand Mesh RemoveCompByHand.svg Mark a component to remove it from the mesh
Mesh_RemoveComponents Mesh RemoveComponents.svg Remove topologic independent components from the mesh
Mesh_Scale Mesh Scale.svg Scale selected meshes
Mesh_SectionByPlane Mesh SectionByPlane.svg Section from mesh and plane
Mesh_Segmentation Mesh Segmentation.svg Create mesh segments
Mesh_SegmentationBestFit Mesh SegmentationBestFit.svg Create mesh segments from best-fit surfaces
Mesh_Smoothing Mesh Smoothing.svg Smooth the selected meshes
Mesh_TrimByPlane Mesh TrimByPlane.svg Trims a mesh with a plane
Mesh_Union Mesh Union.svg Union
Mesh_VertexCurvature Mesh VertexCurvature.svg Calculates the curvature of the vertices of a mesh

OpenSCAD Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
OpenSCAD_AddOpenSCADElement Add an OpenSCAD element by entering OpenSCAD code and executing the OpenSCAD binary
OpenSCAD_ColorCodeShape Color Shapes by validity and type
OpenSCAD_Edgestofaces Convert Edges to Faces
OpenSCAD_ExpandPlacements Expand all placements downwards the FeatureTree
OpenSCAD_ExplodeGroup Remove fusion, apply placement to children, and color randomly
OpenSCAD_Hull Perform Hull
OpenSCAD_IncreaseToleranceFeature Create Feature that allows to increase the tolerance
OpenSCAD_MeshBoolean Export objects as meshes and use OpenSCAD to perform a boolean operation
OpenSCAD_Minkowski Perform Minkowski
OpenSCAD_RefineShapeFeature Create Refine Shape Feature
OpenSCAD_RemoveSubtree Removes the selected objects and all children that are not referenced from other objects
OpenSCAD_ReplaceObject Replace an object in the Feature Tree. Please select old, new, and parent object

PartDesign Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
PartDesign_AdditiveLoft PartDesign AdditiveLoft.svg Loft a selected profile through other profile sections
PartDesign_AdditivePipe PartDesign AdditivePipe.svg Sweep a selected sketch along a path or to other profiles
PartDesign_Body PartDesign Body.svg Create a new body and make it active
PartDesign_Boolean PartDesign Boolean.svg Boolean operation with two or more bodies
PartDesign_Chamfer PartDesign Chamfer.svg Chamfer the selected edges of a shape
PartDesign_Clone PartDesign Clone.svg Create a new clone
PartDesign_CompPrimitiveAdditive 24px Create an additive primitive
PartDesign_CompPrimitiveSubtractive 24px Create a subtractive primitive
PartDesign_CoordinateSystem PartDesign CoordinateSystem.svg Create a new local coordinate system
PartDesign_Draft PartDesign Draft.svg Make a draft on a face
PartDesign_Fillet PartDesign Fillet.svg Make a fillet on an edge, face or body
PartDesign_Groove PartDesign Groove.svg Groove a selected sketch
PartDesign_Hole PartDesign Hole.svg Create a hole with the selected sketch
PartDesign_InvoluteGear PartDesign InvoluteGear.svg Creates or edit the involute gear definition.
PartDesign_Line PartDesign Line.svg Create a new datum line
PartDesign_LinearPattern PartDesign LinearPattern.svg Create a linear pattern feature
PartDesign_Migrate PartDesign Migrate.svg Migrate document to the modern PartDesign workflow
PartDesign_Mirrored PartDesign Mirrored.svg Create a mirrored feature
PartDesign_MoveFeature PartDesign MoveFeature.svg Moves the selected object to another body
PartDesign_MoveFeatureInTree PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree.svg Moves the selected object and insert it after another object
PartDesign_MoveTip PartDesign MoveTip.svg Move the tip of the body
PartDesign_MultiTransform PartDesign MultiTransform.svg Create a multitransform feature
PartDesign_NewSketch PartDesign NewSketch.svg Create a new sketch
PartDesign_Pad PartDesign Pad.svg Pad a selected sketch
PartDesign_Plane PartDesign Plane.svg Create a new datum plane
PartDesign_Pocket PartDesign Pocket.svg Create a pocket with the selected sketch
PartDesign_Point PartDesign Point.svg Create a new datum point
PartDesign_PolarPattern PartDesign PolarPattern.svg Create a polar pattern feature
PartDesign_Revolution PartDesign Revolution.svg Revolve a selected sketch
PartDesign_ShapeBinder PartDesign ShapeBinder.svg Create a new shape binder
PartDesign_Sprocket PartDesign Sprocket.svg Creates or edit the sprocket definition.
PartDesign_SubShapeBinder PartDesign SubShapeBinder.svg Create a sub-object(s) shape binder
PartDesign_SubtractiveLoft PartDesign SubtractiveLoft.svg Loft a selected profile through other profile sections and remove it from the body
PartDesign_SubtractivePipe PartDesign SubtractivePipe.svg Sweep a selected sketch along a path or to other profiles and remove it from the body
PartDesign_Thickness PartDesign Thickness.svg Make a thick solid
PartDesign_WizardShaft PartDesign WizardShaft.svg Start the shaft design wizard

Part Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Part_Boolean Part Boolean.svg Run a boolean operation with two shapes selected
Part_BooleanFragments Part BooleanFragments.svg Split objects where they intersect
Part_Box Part Box.svg Create a cube solid
Part_BoxSelection Part BoxSelection.svg Box selection
Part_Builder Part Builder.svg Advanced utility to create shapes
Part_Chamfer Part Chamfer.svg Chamfer the selected edges of a shape
Part_CheckGeometry Part CheckGeometry.svg Analyzes Geometry For Errors
Part_Common Part Common.svg Make an intersection of two shapes
Part_Compound Part Compound.svg Make a compound of several shapes
Part_CompoundFilter Part CompoundFilter.svg Compound Filter: remove some childs from a compound
Part_Cone Part Cone.svg Create a cone solid
Part_CrossSections Part CrossSections.svg Cross-sections
Part_Cut Part Cut.svg Make a cut of two shapes
Part_Cylinder Part Cylinder.svg Create a Cylinder
Part_Defeaturing Part Defeaturing.svg Remove feature from a shape
Part_EditAttachment Part EditAttachment.svg Edit attachment of selected object.
Part_ElementCopy Part ElementCopy.svg Create a non-parametric copy of the selected shape element
Part_ExplodeCompound Part ExplodeCompound.svg Explode compound: split up a list of shapes into separate objects
Part_Export Part Export.svg Exports to a CAD file
Part_Extrude Part Extrude.svg Extrude a selected sketch
Part_Fillet Part Fillet.svg Fillet the selected edges of a shape
Part_Fuse Part Fuse.svg Make a union of several shapes
Part_Import Part Import.svg Imports a CAD file
Part_JoinConnect Part JoinConnect.svg Fuses objects, taking care to preserve voids.
Part_JoinCutout Part JoinCutout.svg Makes a cutout in one object to fit another object.
Part_JoinEmbed Part JoinEmbed.svg Fuses one object into another, taking care to preserve voids.
Part_Loft Part Loft.svg Utility to loft
Part_MakeFace Part MakeFace.svg Make face from set of wires (e.g. from a sketch)
Part_MakeSolid Part MakeSolid.svg Create solid from a shell or compound
Part_Measure_Angular Part Measure Angular.svg Measure Angular
Part_Measure_Clear_All Part Measure Clear All.svg Clear All
Part_Measure_Linear Part Measure Linear.svg Measure Linear
Part_Measure_Refresh Part Measure Refresh.svg Refresh
Part_Measure_Toggle_3d Part Measure Toggle 3d.svg Toggle 3d
Part_Measure_Toggle_All Part Measure Toggle All.svg Toggle All
Part_Measure_Toggle_Delta Part Measure Toggle Delta.svg Toggle Delta
Part_Mirror Part Mirror.svg Mirroring a selected shape
Part_Offset Part Offset.svg Utility to offset in 3D
Part_Offset2D Part Offset2D.svg Utility to offset planar shapes
Part_PointsFromMesh Part PointsFromMesh.svg Create selectable points object from selected mesh object
Part_Primitives Part Primitives.svg Creation of parametrized geometric primitives
Part_RefineShape Part RefineShape.svg Refine the copy of a shape
Part_Revolve Part Revolve.svg Revolve a selected shape
Part_RuledSurface Part RuledSurface.svg Create a ruled surface from either two Edges or two wires
Part_Section Part Section.svg Make a section of two shapes
Part_ShapeFromMesh Part ShapeFromMesh.svg Create shape from selected mesh object
Part_SimpleCopy Part SimpleCopy.svg Create a simple non-parametric copy
Part_Slice Part Slice.svg Split object by intersections with other objects, and pack the pieces into a compound.
Part_SliceApart Part SliceApart.svg Split object by intersections with other objects.
Part_Sphere Part Sphere.svg Create a sphere solid
Part_Sweep Part Sweep.svg Utility to sweep
Part_Thickness Part Thickness.svg Utility to apply a thickness
Part_Torus Part Torus.svg Create a torus solid
Part_TransformedCopy Part TransformedCopy.svg Create a non-parametric copy with transformed placement
Part_XOR Part XOR.svg Remove intersection fragments

Path Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Path_Adaptive Path Adaptive.svg Adaptive clearing and profiling
Path_Area Path Area.svg Creates a feature area from selected objects
Path_Area_Workplane Path Area Workplane.svg Select a workplane for a FeatureArea
Path_Array Path Array.svg Creates an array from a selected path
Path_Comment Path Comment.svg Add a Comment to your CNC program
Path_Custom Path Custom.svg Creates a path object based on custom G-code
Path_DressupDogbone Path DressupDogbone.svg Creates a Dogbone Dress-up object from a selected path
Path_DressupDragKnife Path DressupDragKnife.svg Modifies a path to add dragknife corner actions
Path_DressupLeadInOut Path DressupLeadInOut.svg Creates a Cutter Radius Compensation G41/G42 Entry Dressup object from a selected path
Path_DressupPathBoundary Path DressupPathBoundary.svg Creates a Path Boundary Dress-up object from a selected path
Path_DressupRampEntry Path DressupRampEntry.svg Creates a Ramp Entry Dress-up object from a selected path
Path_DressupTag Path DressupTag.svg Creates a Tag Dress-up object from a selected path
Path_Drilling Path Drilling.svg Creates a Path Drilling object from a features of a base object
Path_Engrave Path Engrave.svg Creates an Engraving Path around a Draft ShapeString
Path_ExportTemplate Path ExportTemplate.svg Exports Path Job as a template to be used for other jobs
Path_Fixture Path Fixture.svg Creates a Fixture Offset object
Path_Helix Path Helix.svg Creates a Path Helix object from a features of a base object
Path_Inspect Path Inspect.svg Inspects the G-code contents of a path P, I
Path_Job Path Job.svg Creates a Path Job object P, J
Path_MillFace Path MillFace.svg Create a Facing Operation from a model or face
Path_OpActiveToggle Path OpActiveToggle.svg Toggle the Active State of the Operation P, X
Path_Pocket_3D Path Pocket 3D.svg Creates a Path 3D Pocket object from a face or faces
Path_Pocket_Shape Path Pocket Shape.svg Creates a Path Pocket object from a face or faces
Path_Post Path Post.svg Post Process the selected Job P, P
Path_Sanity Path Sanity.svg Check the Path Project for common errors P, S
Path_SelectLoop Path SelectLoop.svg Complete loop selection from two edges P, L
Path_Shape Path Shape.svg Creates a path from a selected shape
Path_SimpleCopy Path SimpleCopy.svg Creates a non-parametric copy of another path
Path_Simulator Path Simulator.svg Simulate Path G-Code on stock P, M
Path_Stop Path Stop.svg Add Optional or Mandatory Stop to the program
Path_ToolBitLibraryOpen Path ToolBitLibraryOpen.svg Open an editor to manage ToolBit libraries
Path_ToolController Path ToolController.svg Add Tool Controller
Path_ToolLibraryEdit Path ToolLibraryEdit.svg Tool Manager P, T

Points Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Points_Convert Points Convert.svg Convert to points
Points_Export Points Export.svg Exports a point cloud
Points_Import Points Import.svg Imports a point cloud
Points_Merge Points Merge.svg Merge several point clouds into one
Points_PolyCut Points PolyCut.svg Cuts a point cloud with a picked polygon
Points_Structure Points Structure.svg Convert points to structured point cloud

Raytracing Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Raytracing_ExportProject Export a Raytracing project to a file
Raytracing_NewLuxProject Insert new Luxrender project into the document
Raytracing_NewPartSegment Insert a new part object into a Raytracing project
Raytracing_NewPovrayProject Insert new POV-Ray project into the document
Raytracing_Render Renders the current raytracing project with an external renderer
Raytracing_ResetCamera Sets the camera of the selected Raytracing project to match the current view
Raytracing_WriteCamera Export the camera position of the active 3D view in POV-Ray format to a file
Raytracing_WritePart Write the selected Part (object) as a POV-Ray file
Raytracing_WriteView Write the active 3D view with camera and all its content to a POV-Ray file

Reverse engineering Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Reen_ApproxCylinder Approximate a cylinder
Reen_ApproxPlane Approximate a plane
Reen_ApproxPolynomial Approximate a polynomial surface
Reen_ApproxSphere Approximate a sphere
Reen_ApproxSurface Approximate a B-spline surface
Reen_MeshBoundary Create wire from mesh boundaries
Reen_PoissonReconstruction Poisson surface reconstruction
Reen_Segmentation Create mesh segments
Reen_SegmentationFromComponents Create mesh segments from components
Reen_SegmentationManual Create mesh segments manually
Reen_ViewTriangulation Triangulation of structured point clouds

Robot Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Robot_AddToolShape Add a tool shape to the robot
Robot_Create Place a robot (experimental!)
Robot_CreateTrajectory Create a new empty trajectory
Robot_Edge2Trac Generate a Trajectory from a set of edges
Robot_ExportKukaCompact Export the trajectory as a compact KRL subroutine.
Robot_ExportKukaFull Export the trajectory as a full KRL subroutine.
Robot_InsertKukaIR125 Insert a Kuka IR125 into the document.
Robot_InsertKukaIR16 Insert a Kuka IR16 into the document.
Robot_InsertKukaIR210 Insert a Kuka IR210 into the document.
Robot_InsertKukaIR500 Insert a Kuka IR500 into the document.
Robot_InsertWaypoint Insert robot Tool location into trajectory A
Robot_InsertWaypointPreselect Insert preselection position into trajectory (W) W
Robot_RestoreHomePos Move to home
Robot_SetDefaultOrientation Set the default orientation for subsequent commands for waypoint creation
Robot_SetDefaultValues Set the default values for speed, acceleration and continuity for subsequent commands of waypoint creation
Robot_SetHomePos Set the home position
Robot_Simulate Run a simulation on a trajectory
Robot_TrajectoryCompound Group and connect some trajectories to one
Robot_TrajectoryDressUp Create a dress-up object which overrides some aspects of a trajectory

Sketcher Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Sketcher_BSplineComb Sketcher BSplineComb.svg Switches between showing and hiding the curvature comb for all B-splines
Sketcher_BSplineApproximate Sketcher BSplineConvertToNURB.svg Converts the given Geometry to a B-spline
Sketcher_BSplineDecreaseKnotMultiplicity Sketcher BSplineDecreaseKnotMultiplicity.svg Decreases the multiplicity of the selected knot of a B-spline
Sketcher_BSplineDegree Sketcher BSplineDegree.svg Switches between showing and hiding the degree for all B-splines
Sketcher_BSplineIncreaseDegree Sketcher BSplineIncreaseDegree.svg Increases the degree of the B-spline
Sketcher_BSplineIncreaseKnotMultiplicity Sketcher BSplineIncreaseKnotMultiplicity.svg Increases the multiplicity of the selected knot of a B-spline
Sketcher_BSplineKnotMultiplicity Sketcher BSplineKnotMultiplicity.svg Switches between showing and hiding the knot multiplicity for all B-splines
Sketcher_BSplinePolygon Sketcher BSplinePolygon.svg Switches between showing and hiding the control polygons for all B-splines
Sketcher_CarbonCopy Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Copies the geometry of another sketch C,C
Sketcher_Clone Sketcher Clone.svg Creates a clone of the geometry taking as reference the last selected point
Sketcher_CloseShape Sketcher CloseShape.svg Produce closed shape by Link end point of element with next elements' starting point CTRL+SHIFT+S
Sketcher_CompConstrainRadDia 24px Constrain an arc or a circle SHIFT+R
Sketcher_CompCopy 24px Creates a clone of the geometry taking as reference the last selected point CTRL+C
Sketcher_CompCreateArc 24px Create an arc in the sketcher
Sketcher_CompCreateBSpline 24px Create a B-spline in the sketch
Sketcher_CompCreateCircle 24px Create a circle in the sketcher
Sketcher_CompCreateConic 24px Create a conic in the sketch
Sketcher_CompCreateRegularPolygon 24px Create a regular polygon in the sketcher
Sketcher_ConnectLines Sketcher ConnectLines.svg Link end point of element with next elements' starting point CTRL+SHIFT+K
Sketcher_ConstrainAngle Sketcher ConstrainAngle.svg Fix the angle of a line or the angle between two lines A
Sketcher_ConstrainBlock Sketcher ConstrainBlock.svg Create a Block constraint on the selected item
Sketcher_ConstrainCoincident Sketcher ConstrainCoincident.svg Create a coincident constraint on the selected item C
Sketcher_ConstrainDiameter Sketcher ConstrainDiameter.svg Fix the diameter of a circle or an arc
Sketcher_ConstrainDistance Sketcher ConstrainDistance.svg Fix a length of a line or the distance between a line and a vertex SHIFT+D
Sketcher_ConstrainDistanceX Sketcher ConstrainDistanceX.svg Fix the horizontal distance between two points or line ends SHIFT+H
Sketcher_ConstrainDistanceY Sketcher ConstrainDistanceY.svg Fix the vertical distance between two points or line ends SHIFT+V
Sketcher_ConstrainEqual Sketcher ConstrainEqual.svg Create an equality constraint between two lines or between circles and arcs E
Sketcher_ConstrainHorizontal Sketcher ConstrainHorizontal.svg Create a horizontal constraint on the selected item H
Sketcher_ConstrainInternalAlignment Sketcher ConstrainInternalAlignment.svg Constrains an element to be aligned with the internal geometry of another element Ctrl+A
Sketcher_ConstrainLock Sketcher ConstrainLock.svg Create a lock constraint on the selected item
Sketcher_ConstrainParallel Sketcher ConstrainParallel.svg Create a parallel constraint between two lines SHIFT+P
Sketcher_ConstrainPerpendicular Sketcher ConstrainPerpendicular.svg Create a perpendicular constraint between two lines N
Sketcher_ConstrainPointOnObject Sketcher ConstrainPointOnObject.svg Fix a point onto an object SHIFT+O
Sketcher_ConstrainRadius Sketcher ConstrainRadius.svg Fix the radius of a circle or an arc
Sketcher_ConstrainSnellsLaw Sketcher ConstrainSnellsLaw.svg Create a refraction law (Snell's law) constraint between two endpoints of rays and an edge as an interface.
Sketcher_ConstrainSymmetric Sketcher ConstrainSymmetric.svg Create a symmetry constraint between two points with respect to a line or a third point S
Sketcher_ConstrainTangent Sketcher ConstrainTangent.svg Create a tangent constraint between two entities T
Sketcher_ConstrainVertical Sketcher ConstrainVertical.svg Create a vertical constraint on the selected item V
Sketcher_Copy Sketcher Copy.svg Creates a simple copy of the geometry taking as reference the last selected point
Sketcher_Create3PointArc Sketcher Create3PointArc.svg Create an arc by its end points and a point along the arc
Sketcher_Create3PointCircle Sketcher Create3PointCircle.svg Create a circle by 3 perimeter points
Sketcher_CreateArc Sketcher CreateArc.svg Create an arc by its center and by its end points
Sketcher_CreateArcOfEllipse Sketcher CreateArcOfEllipse.svg Create an arc of ellipse in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateArcOfHyperbola Sketcher CreateArcOfHyperbola.svg Create an arc of hyperbola in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateArcOfParabola Sketcher CreateArcOfParabola.svg Create an arc of parabola in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateBSpline Sketcher CreateBSpline.svg Create a B-spline via control points in the sketch.
Sketcher_CreateCircle Sketcher CreateCircle.svg Create a circle in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateEllipseBy3Points Sketcher CreateEllipseBy3Points.svg Create an ellipse by 3 points in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateEllipseByCenter Sketcher CreateEllipseByCenter.svg Create an ellipse by center in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateFillet Sketcher CreateFillet.svg Create a fillet between two lines or at a coincident point F
Sketcher_CreateHeptagon Sketcher CreateHeptagon.svg Create a heptagon in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateHexagon Sketcher CreateHexagon.svg Create a hexagon in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateLine Sketcher CreateLine.svg Create a line in the sketch L
Sketcher_CreateOctagon Sketcher CreateOctagon.svg Create an octagon in the sketch
Sketcher_CreatePentagon Sketcher CreatePentagon.svg Create a pentagon in the sketch
Sketcher_CreatePeriodicBSpline Sketcher CreatePeriodicBSpline.svg Create a periodic B-spline via control points in the sketch.
Sketcher_CreatePoint Sketcher CreatePoint.svg Create a point in the sketch
Sketcher_CreatePolyline Sketcher CreatePolyline.svg Create a polyline in the sketch. 'M' Key cycles behaviour
Sketcher_CreateRectangle Sketcher CreateRectangle.svg Create a rectangle in the sketch R
Sketcher_CreateRegularPolygon Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon.svg Create a regular polygon in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateSlot Sketcher CreateSlot.svg Create a slot in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateSquare Sketcher CreateSquare.svg Create a square in the sketch
Sketcher_CreateTriangle Sketcher CreateTriangle.svg Create an equilateral triangle in the sketch
Sketcher_DeleteAllConstraints Sketcher DeleteAllConstraints.svg Deletes all the constraints
Sketcher_DeleteAllGeometry Sketcher DeleteAllGeometry.svg Deletes all the geometry and constraints but external geometry
Sketcher_EditSketch Sketcher EditSketch.svg Edit the selected sketch
Sketcher_Extend Sketcher Extend.svg Extend an edge with respect to the picked position T,E
Sketcher_External Sketcher External.svg Create an edge linked to an external geometry X
Sketcher_LeaveSketch Sketcher LeaveSketch.svg Close the editing of the sketch
Sketcher_MapSketch Sketcher MapSketch.svg Map a sketch to a face
Sketcher_MergeSketches Sketcher MergeSketches.svg Merge sketches
Sketcher_MirrorSketch Sketcher MirrorSketch.svg Mirror sketch
Sketcher_Move Sketcher Move.svg Moves the geometry taking as reference the last selected point CTRL+M
Sketcher_NewSketch Sketcher NewSketch.svg Create a new sketch
Sketcher_RectangularArray Sketcher RectangularArray.svg Creates a rectangular array pattern of the geometry taking as reference the last selected point
Sketcher_ReorientSketch Sketcher ReorientSketch.svg Reorient the selected sketch
Sketcher_RestoreInternalAlignmentGeometry Sketcher RestoreInternalAlignmentGeometry.svg Show all internal geometry / hide unused internal geometry CTRL+SHIFT+E
Sketcher_SelectConflictingConstraints Sketcher SelectConflictingConstraints.svg Select Conflicting Constraints CTRL+SHIFT+E
Sketcher_SelectConstraints Sketcher SelectConstraints.svg Select the constraints associated to the selected elements CTRL+SHIFT+C
Sketcher_SelectElementsAssociatedWithConstraints Sketcher SelectElementsAssociatedWithConstraints.svg Select Elements associated with constraints CTRL+SHIFT+E
Sketcher_SelectElementsWithDoFs Sketcher SelectElementsWithDoFs.svg Select elements where the solver still detects unconstrained degrees of freedom.
Sketcher_SelectHorizontalAxis Sketcher SelectHorizontalAxis.svg Select the horizontal axis CTRL+SHIFT+H
Sketcher_SelectOrigin Sketcher SelectOrigin.svg Select the origin point CTRL+SHIFT+O
Sketcher_SelectRedundantConstraints Sketcher SelectRedundantConstraints.svg Select Redundant Constraints CTRL+SHIFT+R
Sketcher_SelectVerticalAxis Sketcher SelectVerticalAxis.svg Select the vertical axis CTRL+SHIFT+V
Sketcher_StopOperation Sketcher StopOperation.svg Stop current operation
Sketcher_SwitchVirtualSpace Sketcher SwitchVirtualSpace.svg Switches the selected constraints or the view to the other virtual space
Sketcher_Symmetry Sketcher Symmetry.svg Creates symmetric geometry with respect to the last selected line or point
Sketcher_ToggleActiveConstraint Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg Toggles activate/deactivate state for selected constraints
Sketcher_ToggleConstruction Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Toggles the toolbar or selected geometry to/from construction mode C,M
Sketcher_ToggleDrivingConstraint Sketcher ToggleDrivingConstraint.svg Toggles the toolbar or selected constraints to/from reference mode
Sketcher_Trimming Sketcher Trimming.svg Trim an edge with respect to the picked position T,R
Sketcher_ValidateSketch Sketcher ValidateSketch.svg Validate sketch
Sketcher_ViewSection Sketcher ViewSection.svg Switches between section and full view
Sketcher_ViewSketch Sketcher ViewSketch.svg View sketch perpendicular to sketch plane

Spreadsheet Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Spreadsheet_AlignBottom Spreadsheet AlignBottom.svg Bottom-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_AlignCenter Spreadsheet AlignCenter.svg Center-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_AlignLeft Spreadsheet AlignLeft.svg Left-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_AlignRight Spreadsheet AlignRight.svg Right-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_AlignTop Spreadsheet AlignTop.svg Top-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_AlignVCenter Spreadsheet AlignVCenter.svg Vertically center-align contents of selected cells
Spreadsheet_CreateSheet Spreadsheet CreateSheet.svg Create a new spreadsheet
Spreadsheet_Export Spreadsheet Export.svg Export spreadsheet to CSV file
Spreadsheet_Import Spreadsheet Import.svg Import CSV file into spreadsheet
Spreadsheet_MergeCells Spreadsheet MergeCells.svg Merge selected cells
Spreadsheet_SetAlias Spreadsheet SetAlias.svg Set alias for selected cell Ctrl+Shift+A
Spreadsheet_SplitCell Spreadsheet SplitCell.svg Split previously merged cells
Spreadsheet_StyleBold Spreadsheet StyleBold.svg Set text in selected cells bold
Spreadsheet_StyleItalic Spreadsheet StyleItalic.svg Set text in selected cells italic
Spreadsheet_StyleUnderline Spreadsheet StyleUnderline.svg Underline text in selected cells

Start Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Start_StartPage Displays the start page in a browser view

Surface Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
Surface_CurveOnMesh Surface CurveOnMesh.svg Curve on mesh
Surface_ExtendFace Surface ExtendFace.svg Extend face
Surface_Filling Surface Filling.svg Fills a series of boundary curves, constraint curves and vertexes with a surface
Surface_GeomFillSurface Surface GeomFillSurface.svg Creates a surface from two, three or four boundary edges

TechDraw Workbench

Command Icon Description Shortcut Comment
TechDraw_2LineCenterLine TechDraw 2LineCenterLine.svg Add Centerline between 2 Lines
TechDraw_2PointCenterLine TechDraw 2PointCenterLine.svg Add Centerline between 2 Points
TechDraw_3PtAngleDimension TechDraw 3PtAngleDimension.svg Insert 3-Point Angle Dimension
TechDraw_ActiveView TechDraw ActiveView.svg Insert Active View (3D View)
TechDraw_AngleDimension TechDraw AngleDimension.svg Insert Angle Dimension
TechDraw_Annotation TechDraw Annotation.svg Insert Annotation
TechDraw_ArchView TechDraw ArchView.svg Insert a View of a Section Plane from Arch Workbench
TechDraw_Balloon TechDraw Balloon.svg Insert Balloon Annotation
TechDraw_ClipGroup TechDraw ClipGroup.svg
TechDraw_ClipGroupAdd TechDraw ClipGroupAdd.svg Add View to Clip Group
TechDraw_ClipGroupRemove TechDraw ClipGroupRemove.svg Remove View from Clip Group
TechDraw_CosmeticEraser TechDraw CosmeticEraser.svg Remove Cosmetic Object
TechDraw_CosmeticVertex TechDraw CosmeticVertex.svg Add Cosmetic Vertex
TechDraw_DecorateLine TechDraw DecorateLine.svg Change Appearance of selected Lines
TechDraw_DetailView TechDraw DetailView.svg Insert Detail View
TechDraw_DiameterDimension TechDraw DiameterDimension.svg Insert Diameter Dimension
TechDraw_DraftView TechDraw DraftView.svg Insert a View of a Draft Workbench object
TechDraw_ExportPageDXF TechDraw ExportPageDXF.svg Export Page as DXF
TechDraw_ExportPageSVG TechDraw ExportPageSVG.svg Export Page as SVG
TechDraw_FaceCenterLine TechDraw FaceCenterLine.svg Add Centerline to Faces
TechDraw_GeometricHatch TechDraw GeometricHatch.svg Apply Geometric Hatch to a Face
TechDraw_Hatch TechDraw Hatch.svg Hatch a Face using Image File
TechDraw_HorizontalDimension TechDraw HorizontalDimension.svg Insert Horizontal Dimension
TechDraw_HorizontalExtentDimension TechDraw HorizontalExtentDimension.svg Insert Horizontal Extent Dimension
TechDraw_Image TechDraw Image.svg Insert Bitmap from a file into a page
TechDraw_LandmarkDimension TechDraw LandmarkDimension.svg Insert Landmark Dimension - EXPERIMENTAL
TechDraw_LeaderLine TechDraw LeaderLine.svg Add Leaderline to View
TechDraw_LengthDimension TechDraw LengthDimension.svg Insert Length Dimension
TechDraw_LinkDimension TechDraw LinkDimension.svg Link Dimension to 3D Geometry
TechDraw_Midpoints TechDraw Midpoints.svg Add Midpoint Vertices
TechDraw_PageDefault TechDraw PageDefault.svg Insert Default Page
TechDraw_PageTemplate TechDraw PageTemplate.svg Insert Page using Template
TechDraw_ProjectionGroup TechDraw ProjectionGroup.svg Insert multiple linked views of drawable object(s)
TechDraw_Quadrants TechDraw Quadrants.svg Add Quadrant Vertices
TechDraw_RadiusDimension TechDraw RadiusDimension.svg Insert Radius Dimension
TechDraw_RedrawPage TechDraw RedrawPage.svg Redraw Page
TechDraw_RichTextAnnotation TechDraw RichTextAnnotation.svg Insert Rich Text Annotation
TechDraw_SectionView TechDraw SectionView.svg Insert Section View
TechDraw_ShowAll TechDraw ShowAll.svg Show/Hide Invisible Edges
TechDraw_SpreadsheetView TechDraw SpreadsheetView.svg Insert View to a spreadsheet
TechDraw_Symbol TechDraw Symbol.svg Insert symbol from a SVG file
TechDraw_ToggleFrame TechDraw ToggleFrame.svg Turn View Frames On/Off
TechDraw_VerticalDimension TechDraw VerticalDimension.svg Insert Vertical Dimension
TechDraw_VerticalExtentDimension TechDraw VerticalExtentDimension.svg Insert Vertical Extent Dimension
TechDraw_View TechDraw View.svg Insert a View
TechDraw_WeldSymbol TechDraw WeldSymbol.svg Add Welding Information to Leaderline

Test Workbench

Command Description Shortcut Comment
Test_InsertFeature Insert a TestFeature in the active Document
Test_Test Runs a self-test to check if the application works properly
Test_TestAll Runs all tests at once (can take very long!)
Test_TestAllText Runs all tests at once (can take very long!)
Test_TestBase Test the basic functions of FreeCAD
Test_TestBaseText Test the basic functions of FreeCAD
Test_TestCreateMenu Test the menu stuff of FreeCAD
Test_TestDeleteMenu Test the menu stuff of FreeCAD
Test_TestDoc Test the document (creation, save, load and destruction)
Test_TestDocText Test the document (creation, save, load and destruction)
Test_TestWork Test the switching of workbenches in FreeCAD