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Rocket Bulkhead.svg Rocket Bulkhead

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Rocket → Bulkhead
Rocket Workbench
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A bulkhead is a solid section of material used to close off a section of body tube, or to provide a base for a nose cone.


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Rocket Bulkhead.svg Bulkhead button.
    • Select the Rocket → Rocket Bulkhead.svg Bulkhead option from the menu.
    • Double click on a Bulkhead object in the Tree view.
  2. Set options and press OK.



Bulkheads may include a step.

A step may be thought of as an additional bulkhead of smaller diameter stacked on top of the original bulkhead. The most common use is to cap the end of a body tube, such as for an electronics bay. In this case the outer diameter of the bulkhead would match the outer diameter of the body tube, and the outer diameter of the step would match the inner diameter of the body tube.

Stepped Bulkhead.png

A stepped bulkhead used to cap a body tube


A bulkhead may require holes for a variety of reasons, such as for attaching an eye hook. This tool allows you to specify one or more identical holes applied in a radial pattern.

Bulkhead 2.png

A stepped bulkhead with 4 holes



  • DataDiameter: The outer diameter of the bulkhead
  • DataHole Center: The distance from the center of the hole to the center of the bulkhead
  • DataHole Count: The number of holes applied in a radial pattern around the center of the bulkhead
  • DataHole Diameter: The diameter of the hole
  • DataHole Offset: Offset from 0 degrees of the first hole
  • DataHoles: True when the the bulkhead has one or more holes, see Options
  • DataStep: True when the bulkhead includes a step, see Options
  • DataStep Diameter: The outer diameter of the step
  • DataStep Thickness: The thickness, not including the bulkhead thickness, of the step
  • DataThickness: The thickness, not including any step, of the bulkhead

Rocket Component

These parameters are provided for information and have no effect on the design of the component.

  • DataDescription: Description of the component
  • DataManufacturer: Manufacturer when known
  • DataMaterial: Material when known
  • DataPart Number: Manufacturer part number


See also: Category:API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.


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