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Rocket BodyTube.svg Rocket BodyTube

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Rocket → Body Tube
Rocket Workbench
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Body tubes are the basic building block of all rockets. It typically contain the motor and payload, and server as an attachment point for the fins and nose cone.

The body tube tool can be used to create many components other than body tubes, for example: motor mounts, engine blocks, and launch lugs. Centering rings can be thought of as short body tubes with very thick walls, although the workbench has a tool specifically for them.


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Rocket BodyTube.svg Body Tube button.
    • Select the Rocket → Rocket BodyTube.svg Body Tube option from the menu.
    • Double click on a Body Tube object in the model view.
  2. Set options and press OK.


Rocket Component

These parameters are provided for information and have no effect on the design of the component.

  • DataManufacturer: Manufacturer when known
  • DataPart Number: Manufacturer part number
  • DataDescription: Description of the component
  • DataMaterial: Material when known

Body Tube

  • DataLength: The length of the body tube
  • DataInner Diameter: The diameter of the inside of the body tube
  • DataOuter Diameter: The diameter of the outside of the body tube


See also: Category:API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.


Tutorials and Learning

Rocket Workbench Body Tubes, Bulkheads, and Centering Rings Tutorial on YouTube