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Robot RestoreHomePos.svg Robot RestoreHomePos

Расположение в меню
Робот → Перейти на главную
Быстрые клавиши
Представлено в версии
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Дать роботу переместиться в исходное положение.


  1. Select robot in the tree view or in the 3D view
  2. Click on Robot RestoreHomePos.svg or choose RobotRobot RestoreHomePos.svg Move to home from the top menu.


  • Command allows only for one robot to set its home position.
  • If none or more than one robot is selected, you will be prompted to choose only one robot.
  • If no home position has been specified via link=[Robot_SetHomePos Robot_SetHomePos the position of the robot as inserted in the scene will be used as home position.