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Robot CreateRobot.svg Robot CreateRobot

Menu location
Robot → Insert robot
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Insert a new robot (KUKA IR500) into the scene.


Click on Robot CreateRobot.png to insert a KUKA IR500 robot into the scene.

  1. Click on Robot CreateRobot.svg to insert a KUKA IR500 robot into the scene.
  2. Inserting different/more robots can be done in two ways via the
    • Selecting RobotInsert Robots from the top menu.
    • Make sure a new document is/was created and activated (activate via double-click on document in tree view).
    • Switch to the "Tasks"-Tab in the tree view).
  3. Select one of the four predefined robots.


Only robots with up to six axes with rotational movement are definable.
No robots with translational movements possible.
The robot must be defined via code and a vrml-file, for more info refer to Robot 6-Axis.


Roboții predefiniți sunt:

  • KUKA IR500
  • KUKA IR210
  • KUKA IR125
  • KUKA IR16