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FreeCAD 1.0 is under development, there is no expected released date yet.

Are features missing? Mention them in the Release notes for v1.0 forum thread.

See Help FreeCAD for ways to contribute to FreeCAD.

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FreeCAD 1.0 was released on DD MM 2023, get it from the Download page. This page lists all new features and changes.

Older FreeCAD release notes can be found in the Feature list.

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User interface

Measurement-Part relnotes 1.0.png The display style of measurement results created using the Part or PartDesign workbench can now be changed in the preferences in the tab Measure.

Pull request #7148

Further user interface improvements

Core system and API



New Python API

  • BSplineSurfacePy::setBounds: Changes the U and V parametric bounds of the surface. PR 7258
  • ShapeFix_EdgeConnectPy: Root class for fixing operations. commit 4d4adb93
  • ShapeFix_EdgePy: Fixing invalid edge. commit 4089cbfb
  • ShapeFix_FaceConnectPy: Rebuilds connectivity between faces in shell. commit a0eb2e9d
  • ShapeFix_FacePy: Class for fixing operations on faces. commit b6cd635c
  • ShapeFix_FixSmallFacePy: Class for fixing operations on faces. commit 4c2946c8
  • ShapeFix_FixSmallSolidPy: Fixing solids with small size. commit b70d8d37
  • ShapeFix_FreeBoundsPy: Intended to output free bounds of the shape. commit 1ee1aee1
  • ShapeFix_RootPy: Root class for fixing operations. commit f3e941a3
  • ShapeFix_ShapePy: Class for fixing operations on shapes. commit 87db9dcc
  • ShapeFix_ShapeTolerancePy: Modifies tolerances of sub-shapes (vertices, edges, faces). commit 125d5b63
  • ShapeFix_ShellPy: Root class for fixing operations. commit f3e941a3
  • ShapeFix_SolidPy: Root class for fixing operations. commit 8d568793
  • ShapeFix_SplitCommonVertexPy: Class for fixing operations on shapes. commit 4b44c54c
  • ShapeFix_SplitToolPy: Tool for splitting and cutting edges. commit bbecc3f2
  • ShapeFix_WireframePy: Provides methods for fixing wireframe of shape. commit 6843a461
  • ShapeFix_WirePy: Class for fixing operations on wires. commit 94f6279a
  • ShapeFix_WireVertexPy: Fixing disconnected edges in the wire. commit 8c6ffc99

Removed Python API

  • FreeCAD.EndingAdd: replaced by FreeCAD.addImportType. PR 7167
  • FreeCAD.EndingGet: replaced by FreeCAD.getImportType. PR 7167

Addon Manager

Arch Workbench

Further Arch improvements

  • Profile objects now support modification of profile type after creation. Pull request #7217

Draft Workbench

Further Draft improvements

FEM Workbench

FEM Elmer-Multithread relnotes 1.0.png
Simulation result where 8 mesh regions are visible (one for every CPU core used).
It is now possible to run the solver Elmer with multiple CPU cores parallel. For more info about the caveats, see this forum post

Pull request #7159

Further FEM improvements

  • It is now possible to open (and this way visualize) *.pvtu files (partitioned VTK unstructured grid data). A *.pvtu file is also the result of an Elmer simulation, when more than one CPU core was used. Pull request #7159



Further Mesh improvements

OpenSCAD Workbench

Part Workbench

Further Part improvements

PartDesign Workbench

Further PartDesign improvements

Path Workbench

  • Camotics integration. If camotics (version 1.2.2 or later) is installed, a new icon will be added to the Path toolbar. Select a Path Job and press the button to open the Camotics dialog. Then drag the slider to generate a simulated solid at any point in the job. You can also launch the full camotics application to run the animated simulaton. This results in a silent post-processing of the job and creation of a camotics project file. Pull request #6637
  • Additional substitution strings for automatic output naming. If output is being split into multiple files, the filenames can automatically substitute the toolcontroller label, WCS, or operation label. This is in addition to the other existing substitution strings like date, job name, etc.
  • Implemented Chipbreaking option for peck style drill cycles. Chipbreaking emits a G73 cycle which causes the control to make a very small retraction move to break the chip without fully retracting the bit from the hole. G73 is supported natively by LinuxCNC. Other postprocessors will have to interpret the G73 and emit control appropriate codes or decompose the retraction into G1/G0 moves. Postprocessor support for G73 decomposition is pending.

Plot module

Sketcher Workbench

Sketcher-move-piece relnotes 1.0.gif Dragging a B-Spline now only moves the part between knots. Pull request #7110

Further Sketcher improvements

Spreadsheet Workbench

Further Spreadsheet improvements

TechDraw Workbench

TechDraw SurfaceFinishExample relnotes 1.0.png A new SurfaceFinishSymbol tool was added to allow for the creation of surface finish symbols describing roughness, lay and waviness but also denoting the type of surface treatment. It supports both ISO and ASME style. As shown in the image, the existing LeaderLine tool can be used to refer properly oriented symbols to all the edges of an object.

Pull request #7227

Further TechDraw improvements

  • Support for adjustable gaps for extension lines of dimensions was added. Pull request #7133
  • Removed deprecated functions: DrawViewPart::replaceCenterLine, DrawViewPart::replaceCosmeticEdge, DrawViewPart::replaceCosmeticVertex, DrawViewPart::replaceGeomFormat


External workbenches







Since this release FreeCAD can only be compiled using Qt 5.x and Python 3.x. The lowest supported Python version is 3.8 according to the FreeCAD 1.0 development goals.

To compile FreeCAD see the instructions for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The supported operating systems are:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11
  • Linux Ubuntu Focal Fossa (20.04) and newer
  • MacOS: 10.12 Sierra or newer

Known Limitations

32bit Windows

Since FreeCAD 0.19 we no longer officially support 32bit Windows. FreeCAD might work on these systems, but no support is given.

Remote Desktop under Windows

Depending on the OpenGL graphics capabilities of a computer, it might be that one encounters a crash when running FreeCAD via remote desktop. To fix this upgrade your OpenGL driver. Only if this doesn't help:

  • Download this OpenGL library for 64bit Windows and extract it.
  • Rename the DLL file to opengl32sw.dll and copy it to the bin subfolder of FreeCAD's installation folder (overwrite the existing DLL there).

MacOS: Start Workbench shows blank page

If the Start Workbench shows only a blank page, you must enable the option Use software OpenGL in the menu Edit → Preferences → Display.