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This roadmap is probably obsolete. For more information see Development roadmap.
If you are not involved with the development discussed here:

This is the project plan of the Quality project as part of the Development roadmap.

Purpose and principles

This project is partial a software development and a documentation project. It aims to raise the quality of the main components of FreeCAD and delivers a better experience to the first FreeCAD contact.



One important step is the Complete workbench which is the starting workbench for the average user (if there is one). The complete workbench hold all Commands and Features from all the modules and workbenches which met certain quality criteria. That will hide away the stormy development and half implemented features from the user which wants just model.

Another important outcome is a complete help system for all Commands and Features at least in the Complete workbench. That mean a help page like Draft ShapeString exist for all in the List of Commands.


  • Switching to QAssistant
    • changing wiki2help
    • changing Developer docu doxygen


Next actions

Work through all the unfinished commands and make a documentation: