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This page is a translated version of the page PythonOCC and the translation is 25% complete.
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PythonOCC is a project that aims at binding the whole range of OpenCASCADE Technology (OCCT) functions into a Python module. This is a different approach than FreeCAD, where only certain components of OCCT are used, resulting in a much simpler structure. The project page is

PythonOCC, on the other hand, since it provides you access to all of OCC classes and functions, is very complex, but also very powerful. It is therefore a very fine addition to FreeCAD. When you are limited by FreeCAD's available OCCT functionality in your Python scripts, it's time to load pythonOCC.

Currently in the Part module we have the methods Part.__toPythonOCC__() and Part.__fromPythonOCC__() to exchange TopoDS_Shape (Part TopoShape) entities to and from pythonOCC. This allows us to use the full power of OCCT in Python and then put the resulting shapes back to FreeCAD.