Pyramids and polyhedrons Workbench

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Pyramids-and-Polyhedrons workbench icon.svg

The FreeCAD Pyramids-and-Polyhedrons External Workbench Icon




This workbench creates:

  • Parametric pyramids
  • Parametric polyhedrons: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, icosahedron_truncated
  • Geodesic spheres (with divisions 1 to 10)

Parameters like radius and side, ...can be adjusted just like with normal parts


To install the Addon use the FreeCAD AddonManager.svg Addon manager to seamlessly download the Pyramids and polygons workbench.

Manual install

Go to and follow the instructions over there.


  • Once installed, open workbench Polygons
  • Click on a part of your choice and adjust the parameters to your preferences.

Further details about this workbench can be found on the dedicated GitHub repo:


Please direct your feedback, ideas, thoughts about this workbench to the dedicated FreeCAD forum thread (link). Bugs can also be submitted to the GitHub repo issue queue.