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Points Import.svg Points Import

Menu location
Points → Import points
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Points Export


This tool imports 3D points from a point cloud file.


  1. Invoke the Import Points command several ways:
    • Press on the Points Import.svg Points Import button in the Points toolbar
    • Use the Points → Points Import.svg Import points from the Points menu.
  2. Select the point cloud file
  3. Press Open.


  • The point cloud file should one of the following extensions .asc, .pcd or .ply.
  • Each line should have a collection of X, Y, Z coordinates separated by a space. The coordinates must use a decimal point, not a decimal comma.
  • After importing, your points will be selectable in the 3D view, and they can be snapped to using the Snap Endpoint.svg Snap Endpoint method from the Workbench Draft.svg Draft Workbench.
  • The cloud point will be imported as a single cloud object. This is unlike the Draft Point.svg Draft Point tool which creates individual points.

Sample point cloud file

0 0 0
1.4562 -7.2354 12.2367
5.9423 3.1728 -17.6439

For testing you can use this ASC file, which is a low polygon version of the Stanford Bunny.

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