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(October 2019) Do not edit this page. The information is incomplete and outdated. For the latest API, see the autogenerated API documentation, or generate the documentation yourself, see Source documentation.

In FreeCAD, Placement defines an object's position and rotation. The Placement concept is explained in detail here: Placement.

Example of setting a document object's Placement:

myObj = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject
pl = FreeCAD.Placement()
myObj.Placement = pl
Class.png Placement( ) or (Placement) or (Matrix) or (Base, Rotation) or (Base,Rotation,Center) or (Base,Axis,Angle)

Description: Constructs a placement, empty or with the given arguments, or as a copy of the given placement.

Property.png Base

Returns: a vector representing the Placement's position.

Property.png Rotation

Returns: a quaternion representing the Placement's rotation.

Method.png inverse( )

Description: computes the inverse placement

Returns: a placement.

Method.png move(Vector)

Description: moves the Placement along the given vector

Returns: nothing

Method.png multVec(Vector)

Description: applies the Placement to the given vector

Returns: the resulting vector.

Method.png multiply(Placement)

Description: multiplies this placement with another one

Returns: the resulting placement.

Method.png toMatrix( )


Returns: a matrix representing the Placement's transformation.