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In FreeCAD, Placement defines an object's position and rotation. The Placement concept is explained in detail here: Placement.

Example of setting a document object's Placement:

myObj = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject
pl = FreeCAD.Placement()
myObj.Placement = pl
Class.png Placement( ) or (Placement) or (Matrix) or (Base, Rotation) or (Base,Rotation,Center) or (Base,Axis,Angle)

Description: Constructs a placement, empty or with the given arguments, or as a copy of the given placement.

Property.png Base

Returns: a vector representing the Placement's position.

Property.png Rotation

Returns: a quaternion representing the Placement's rotation.

Method.png inverse( )

Description: computes the inverse placement

Returns: a placement.

Method.png move(Vector)

Description: moves the Placement along the given vector

Returns: nothing

Method.png multVec(Vector)

Description: applies the Placement to the given vector

Returns: the resulting vector.

Method.png multiply(Placement)

Description: multiplies this placement with another one

Returns: the resulting placement.

Method.png toMatrix( )


Returns: a matrix representing the Placement's transformation.