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Queste funzioni sperimentali consentono la fresatura di facce e tasche

Queste funzioni sono in fase di sviluppo iniziale. Possono esistere dei bug. Grazie per il vostro feedback e test.


Ideally, upgrade to version 0.19.16502, or higher.

Download these scripts:

Place them in your FreeCAD/Mod/Path/PathScripts directory, *after* renaming your originals for safe keeping. Rename the new scripts to the original script names. Restart FreeCAD and have fun.

Use at your own risk.


Current 4th-axis capable operations do not handle complex/compound rotations: those involving X and Y simultaneously.

There is currently no GUI integration of 4th-axis rotational settings in the release branch. All related settings are in the Data tab of the Properties View section for each individual operation supported.


Profile Faces

  • Select the face(s) for the operation as normal
  • Click on the Path Profile Faces icon to start the operation
  • Change your settings as desired
  • Click OK to run the operation
  • In the properties list for the new operation, change the "Enable Rotation" setting as needed for the face(s)
  • Recompute the operation
  • Adjust start/final depths as needed. Final depth is coded to NOT go beyond the selected face used for the profile.

Pocket Shape

  • Click on the Path Pocket Shape icon to start the operation.
  • Click the OK to create the operation - no faces selected
  • Select the new Pocket_Shape operation in task window
  • In the operation's Properties list, scroll to Path section and change the "Enable Rotation" property to the desired 4th-axis setting.
  • Re-compute the operation
  • Double click on the same operation, to edit settings in the task window.
  • Open the 'Base Geometry' tab. Select one face (preferred at the moment) and click the 'Add' button, placing that face in the Base Geometry list.
  • Change the other operation settings as desired.
  • Click OK to save and apply the changes.

Risoluzione dei problemi

  • There is an "Inverse Angle" property. You may have to toggle this to get correct paths for some of your faces.
  • Set "Enable Rotation" to other than 'Off' to profile faces perpendicularly that are not normal to Z-axis.
  • Toggle the "Reverse Direction" property if the path appears to be off by 180 degrees.