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Path Profile Face.svg Path Profile Face

Menu location
Path → Face Profile
Default shortcut
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See also
Path Contour


The Path Profile Face.svg Path ProfileFace tool creates a simple contour path from one ore more selected faces of an object. A Start point can be enabled from the Operation editor, using a location defined in the Property viewStart Points

The Path ProfileFace object is made to be part of a Path Job.svg Path Job

Path Profile by Faces.png


  1. Select the surface or surfaces you want to mill out
  2. Invoke the Path ProfileFace tool several ways:
    • Press the Path Profile Face.svg Face Profile button in the Path toolbar
    • Use the Path → Face Profile entry in the Path menu
  3. Adjust the desired properties

Important Note: Path ProfileFace doesn't take care of other details of the object. You have to adjust the properties, especially the final depth, carefully, a mistake will destroy your work piece


The Path Profile Face properties use similar properties to the Path Contour.svg Path Contour Properties.

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