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Path 3DPocket.svg Path 3DPocket

Menu location
Path → 3D Pocket
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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Acest instrument crează o operație tip un buzunar 3D. Un buzunare 3 D ia în considerarea suprafața inferioară a buzunarului


  1. Selectați partea de jos a buzunarului pe care doriți să-l muriți
  2. Apăsați tasta Path-3DPocket.png 3D Pocket .
  3. Selectați controlerul de instrumente pe care doriți să-l utilizați
  4. Reglați proprietățile dorite
  5. Aplicați
  1. From within a Job, select one or more Faces from the Job Model to include as the Base Geometry.
  2. Invoke the Path 3DPocket.svg Pocket 3D or select PathPath 3DPocket.svg Pocket 3D command from the top menu.
  3. Choose a Tool controller from the pop up selection dialogue window.
  4. Add or subtract Base Geometry elements as needed to configure the Operation.
  5. Check the Depths tab to ensure the Start Depth, Finish Depth, and Step Down percentage are correct. The Final Depth is determined by the Body Geometry selection and is not modifiable.
  6. Check the Heights tab to ensure the Safe and Clearance Heights are appropriate.
  7. Check the Operation tab where the Tool controller can be re-selected, the Cut mode can be configured for Climb or Conventional milling, the Pattern can be set, the Step Over percentage can be adjusted, and Pass Extension can be applied.
  8. Click Apply to observe the milling path for the passes of the Operation. Adjust parameters until satisfied with the Operation.
  9. Click OK to save the Operation.


  • All paths generated from this operation are based on a standard end mill using the diameter of the tool you selected for this 3D Pocket operation.
  • Ball end mills and other shapes are not respected for path generation even if selected as the tool for this operation.









See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.


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