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Path Face.svg Path Face

Menu location
Path → Face
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The Path Face.svg Face Mill tool creates a path to perform a facing operation on a horizontal surface.



  • Using it on an inclined plane may produce unexpected results: it will still produce a path to cut a horizontal surface. The extent of the cut will be the horizontal projection of the inclined plane, performed at a height corresponding to the lowest point in that plane.
  • Since the path tools work on the geometry of the selected edges/faces only, and do not relate to the rest of the 3D model, the paths will not go beyond the bounds of the chosen plane, even if it is surrounded by unused stock or air. This will leave unmachined corners. These can sometimes removed with one of the dress-up tools to be found on the Path menu.

Vertical face milling

  • This tool will not work on a vertical plane or vertical non planar surface. Vertical operations can be achieved by using the face profile tool or edge profile tool. These will need the selection of a face or closed loop of edges including the top or bottom edge of the vertical surface desired). The extent of the path can then be reduced using the Boundary Dress-up tool to be found on the Path menu. With the Dress-up tool select Create Box option and reduce the size to limit the scope of the profile path. These settings will not allow the origin of the boundary box to be moved, however. This must be done by adjusting the Placement settings in the tree view.
  • This will work on compound surfaces such as several vertical planes or cylindrical surfaces joined together, so long as they form one continuous surface.









See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.


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