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Path FacePocket.svg Path FacePocket

Menu location
Path → Partial Commands → Face Pocket
Default shortcut
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This tool creates a pocket inside a selected face or a series of selected edges that form a closed loop


  1. Select a face on a Part-based object, or select a series of edges that form a closed loop
  2. Press the Path FacePocket.png Face Pocket button
  3. Adjust the desired properties


  • DataOffset: The distance between the path and the border of the face
  • DataStart Vertex: The vertex number from which the path starts
  • DataFirst Move: Specifies if the first move, to reach the first point, is a feed move (G1) or rapid move (G0)
  • DataRetract Height: The height where the cutter must travel when jumping between different loops
  • DataFill: Specifies if only one loop inside the face will be performed, or subsequent loops until filling the whole face area