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Path ExportTemplate.svg Path ExportTemplate

Menu location
Path → Export Template
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Path SetupSheet


Exporting Job templates provides a convenient mechanism to save commonly used Job definitions from within an existing Job. This facilitates the setup of future Jobs, that are largely similar, by allowing Job template import during the Job creation process.

The Edit → Preferences... → Path → Job Preferences tab, Defaults → Template sets the default template.


Creating a Template

  1. From within any configured Job, invoke the Path ExportTemplate.svg Export Template command from the Path menu, or by right-clicking the Job node in the Combo view.
  2. Select elements for inclusion from the Export Template configuration dialogue.
  3. Click OK and save the template. The template name must follow the pattern of job_<template name>.json When shown in the selection combobox, the job_ prefix and extension will not be shown. Path workbench access requires saving the templates in the Macro directory or Path Directory, as configured in Path Preferences.


Post Processing

  • Postprocessor selection
  • Postprocessor arguments
  • Output file name


  • Extent: Stock Size
  • Placement: Stock Location

Setup Sheet

  • Operation Heights
  • Operation Depths
  • Tool Rapid Speeds

Tool controllers

  • Selected Tool controllers.