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Tools → Edit Parameters → BaseApp → Preferences → Mod → Path → EnableExperimentalFeatures
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The Path Workbench contains, by default, a set of hidden features. They are hidden by default because they are developmental or experimental for the following reasons:

  • is an incomplete feature
  • is bug-ridden
  • is unstable
  • does not produce correct, stable, safe, paths
  • is not a standard, regularly used tool in the traditional CAM workflow
  • is a mature, ready tool that has not been moved to the standard tool list
  • ... other reasons

Enable Experimental Features

To access the hidden experimental features in the Path Workbench, the user must enable them in the Parameter Editor.

To enable Experimental Features:

  1. Open the Parameter Editor via Tools → Edit Parameters...
  2. Once in the editor the path is BaseApp → Preferences → Mod → Path
  3. Right click in the parameter list area to obtain the actions pop-up menu.
  4. Create a new Boolean parameter.
  5. Name the new parameter: EnableExperimentalFeatures (case-sensitive).
  6. Set it to: True.
  7. Save the settings.
  8. Restart FreeCAD.
Result: the experimental tools should appear in the Path Workbench.
Path wb enable experimental features.PNG

Above: the Parameter editor showing the EnableExperimentalFeature boolean as True

Additional Information

Read more about the specific experimental features on the wiki pages that link to this one